Monday, April 19

Let’s change Orihuela demands from the mayor a protocol to expedite payments to the association that manages the Animal Protection Center

Archive image of the Orihuela Animal Protection Center

Archive image of the Orihuela Animal Protection Center

Let’s change Orihuela has once again insisted on what they value as “the chaos and systematic negligence related to the political management of the recruitment area.” The problems date back to the last legislature, but since 2019 there have been problems, slowness and negligence in many areas: management of the senior center; nursery schools; sports facilities on the coast; Oriol center … and now also the animal protection center. “A problem that they attribute to the political will of”condition the hiring policy on the mayor’s political agenda rather than on the needs of the municipality»Points out Carlos Bernabé, councilor of Cambiemos Orihuela

The expiration of the management of the Animal Protection Center implies, as the training recalls, that the Asoka Association I continue managing it outside the contract and receiving payments against invoice, payments that will be repaired and, therefore, can last forever until they materialize. «Therefore, in addition to requesting access to all the information, we demand the mayor to show his face, assume his responsibility and carry out a protocol that expedites payments of the invoices to Asoka », has emphasized Maria G. Sandoval, also councilor for Cambiemos.

In this sense, Cambiemos Orihuela recalls that the blocking situation in a new contract it always penalizes an association more than a large company. «Slowing down the payment of invoices to large companies such as Eulen, Clequali or Doalco – to name a few of those that are gobbling up large contracts – is not as serious as slowing it down for associations, since they do not have an economic “kidney” on which to resist the suffocation of the Administration ». And, we must not forget, the damage caused to Orihuela’s coffers by paying bills with delay. It implies having to pay default interest for the days that the maximum legal term for payment to suppliers is exceeded, which influences having fewer resources available for other necessary actions.

The Councilor for Cambiemos recalls that, “Asoka’s work in the Animal Protection Center is being commendable and of enormous value for the municipality, in fact if that is the case it is Thanks, in large part, to the fact that it is an association whose main objective is animal welfare, not a large company whose sole purpose would be to maximize profit, For this reason, it is urgent to develop measures to avoid suffocating it ».

In relation to this problem, it should be noted that in the past plenary session the motion that raised the formation was approved. One of their points of agreement included the need to increase resources in the management of feline colonies, an important part of this task is carried out by Asoka. “We are concerned that the CES project could be put on hold due to the lack of resources and conflicts between volunteers and the neighborhood worsen due to the increase in felines in the area.”

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