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Let’s change says that mixed management of garbage would be “covert privatization”

The mayor María Sandoval.

Let’s change Orihuela opposes the creation of a joint venture to manage the street cleaning and garbage collection service, an option that the government team of PP and Cs is considering as published this Sunday INFORMATION. The co-spokesperson of the formation, Maria Sandoval noted that «garbage is big business Because they can generate significant benefits, the mixed or private management model could be an improvement at first with an injection of capital that provides a facelift for the collection and treatment service; However, we know from experience in the cases of private management models, such as in health or education, that what ends up happening is un Transfer of significant amounts of resources from public coffers to private companies. This means that profit maximization ends up having priority and worsens the service provided. ‘ And cross out “Covert privatization” possible mixed management.

The training is committed to the current municipalized formula and, to end the deficiencies current service, provide it with more resources. “We are facing a government that habitually bets on transferring public resources to the private sector at the cost of worsening the service. Therefore, the interests are not placed on providing good public management of waste collection, which we remember, they arrive tremendously late to adapt to the Comprehensive Waste Plan of the Valencian Community and to European standards on waste. Orihuela needs budgets for 2021 at the height of the situation, and not be left with remnants again due to poor management of the treasury, “said Sandoval. The training insists on the need to improve the service through sufficient budgets and “not to go back to a model that can even resemble the corruption and leachate model. “

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In relation to the report by the Garrigues law firm, on which the council is based to justify the mixed management, the councilor of Cambiemos Orihuela warned that “the main reasons for a change in the management model are based on the fact that it is a deficit service. In the same report, they acknowledge that they encounter difficulties in hiring personnel, due to the spending rule imposed on local entities, which is not true; that have an obsolete fleet and machinery and deficiencies in terms of technical knowledge and adjustment to the new regulations. We see that all these deficiencies that they allude to are the result ofe lack of resources and lack of interest in what is public“.

The mayor, who indicated that the current management formula is cheaper, added that costs could be reduced by implementing packaging reuse policies. “A public management has to bear the outright cost of waste collection and street cleaning. When the private sector takes over the service, this cost must be borne, plus the business profit of the company. Clearly privatizing is more expensive than maintaining municipal services“, settled María Sandoval.

As this newspaper published, the Orihuela City Council is committed to the creation of a joint venture to manage the largest public service that a municipality has, that of garbage collection and street cleaning. The council has started its Local Waste Management Plan with which it intends to give voice and participation to different associations, neighbors and experts with the aim of moving towards a new management of the service in the town, marked by the cases of corruption linked, precisely , to the garbage. In full debate about the future model to adopt, highly authorized municipal sources revealed to INFORMACIÓN that the formula for which the City Council is committed is that of mixed management, that is, the public-private collaborationa, considering that better complies with the two premises of the new contract law: efficiency and effectiveness. Of course, they clarify that the consistory, in no way, is willing to lose control of the service, so in this future joint venture, the largest participation would be municipal.

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