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Let’s count the ways that Donald Trump has tried to subvert this election, okay? | US News

Donald Trump is the kind of populist who hates people: specifically, the clear majority of the people who removed him from office.

So one last tactic has been proposed: what Dick Cheney taste to call “the last gasps” – to steal the election he lost by gobbling up the electoral college.

It will fail in its crude attempts to corrupt the elections, just as it failed in its crude demands to contest the vote count. Just as he has failed throughout his presidency.

But let’s not neglect this moment because of its grotesque ineptitude and corruption. It’s not just another Trump tantrum. It may not be a coup, but it is an attempt to destroy American democracy forever.

So, let’s count the ways in which this loser of a president has tried to trumpify the United States elections.

And let’s never forget that he did it in collusion with the old Great Old Party that used to belong to the Republicans but now belongs to the Trumpistas.

These are some of the slimmer steps down the slippery slope toward the end of America as we know it.

1 the establishment myth of choice night

It started in the bunker, with a few dozen of his closest cronies, watching voters invade every defensive position in a country he thought he knew well. When Trump finally spoke to the cameras in the East Room of the White House on election night, he declared that he was on track to win in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. He claimed it would be “good” to win Arizona, but he didn’t even need it.

In fact, he lost all four states and the presidency. But he set in motion the narrative that the fraud was not perpetrated by him, the courageous defender of democracy. He was the victim, not the would-be autocrat.

“This is a fraud to the American public,” he said. said. “This is a shame for our country. We were preparing to win this election. Frankly, we won this election. We won this election. So our goal now is to ensure integrity for the good of this nation. This is a very important moment. This is a huge fraud in our nation. We want the law to be used appropriately. Then we will go to the Supreme Court of the United States. We want the voting to stop. “

2 the solemn seriousness of Without character senators

Marco Rubio could see this coming. He warned us to be prepared. Unfortunately, he was unable to warn himself to do anything about it.

But that’s the Florida Senator, and Trump’s Republican Party, for you.

Writing in Medium in August, he predicted a closed election with a delayed vote count. The kind of delayed count that would be manipulated by the least American forces imaginable.

“Beijing and other hostile foreign actors would fully support a disinformation campaign, complete with falsified evidence, claiming that the results are riddled with fraud and that the elections are in the process of being ‘stolen.’ They would use simple but bogus social media accounts to spread and magnify allegations that some mailed ballots are being removed from the post office and destroyed, while others are faked, ”he wrote.

“By the time election officials were ready to announce the results, there would already be many doubts about the legitimacy of the elections. It is a nightmare scenario for our nation, which was founded on a revolutionary promise of peaceful transitions of civil leadership.

What a nightmare. Especially when the hostile foreign actor is the leader of his own party.

Never fear! Rubio was here with some wise advice.

“Every American has a role to play in preserving the integrity of our elections and ensuring another peaceful transition of power,” he wrote poignantly. “Your country needs you. Are you ready to rise to the occasion?

In Rubio’s case, the answer was: no.

3 the solemn seriousness of Without character senators part from them

Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford likes to think of himself as a smart, independent conservative with a deep concern for the security of the nation.

So when it appeared on Oklahoma radio a couple of weeks ago, it seemed pretty safe to insist that President-elect Joe Biden should receive intelligence reports by the end of the week, about 10 days after the election. Otherwise, the mighty Lankford would step in to protect America.

“There is no loss of him receiving the reports and being able to do that,” he said. said.

Incorrect! There is a loss to the ego of one Donald Trump.

Faced with this insurmountable opponent, Lankford collapsed. The said I was not “in a rush” to help with the transition, but also insisted that he intervened, without any noticeable effect.

Actions usually speak louder than words. But in the waning days of the Trump era, nothing speaks louder than Trump.

4 All Rudy Giuliani make

There are times when this former United States attorney is staggeringly incompetent. There are other times when it is strangely incoherent. As Bob Bauer of the Biden team likes to point out, Giuliani and company are not just losing cases, they are losing attorneys.

In their own minds, they are “an elite strike force team” of lawyers. That’s on alternate planet Earth where “elite strike force” is what they call a bunch of old men who play soccer on a Sunday morning.

If you thought Four Seasons Total Landscaping was the biggest metaphor for all your legal troubles, you didn’t tune in to the sequel at the Republican National Committee on Thursday.

At the joint landscaping last week, Giuliani was arguing about election observation. So what if your main witness was a sex offender and perennial candidate in a different state?

This week, I was arguing about a global conspiracy involving a couple of dead socialists, a living philanthropist, and some voting software. The effort caused her hair dye, or possibly mascara, to rub off. bargain down her cheeks. It was very emotional.

Beyond cosmetics, the challenge is in the courtroom, where things like facts and details matter. Including if you know the difference between Michigan and Minnesota, when filing affidavits that meaning to prove voter fraud.

There are so many states, but so little time.

5 All Lindsey Graham make

Here’s what we know: Lindsey Graham from South Carolina called the Georgia secretary of state to talk about throwing out the ballot in the highly contested state that she has nothing to do with. The state official – a Republican, who has received death threats for defending democracy – said he was in awe of the effort to reject the votes cast legally.

Graham said he was only concerned about integrity of the elections in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. Which is reassuring, unless you remember that the only votes in question are for president. Not those of the successful Republican candidates for Congress in the same election who have so many questions about their integrity.

Lindsey Graham is a former military attorney who currently chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is also the Olympic gold medalist in the 100-meter walk of shame.

6 the President of the United States intimidates state officials

This sort of thing could be expected in some parts of the world where US election watchers would shake their heads in disbelief. But coming from a losing American president, it is something close to a complete break with the founding principles and culture of the last two hundred years.

Trump is clearly trying to prevent Michigan election officials from certifying his beating at the polls, hoping to put the electoral college in disarray.

He first called on two Republican officials in Wayne County, Michigan, to overrule his vote to certify the election results. He then met with leaders of the Michigan House of Representatives on Friday to push his case forward.

They are both Republicans. Both have also said that the law does not allow them to revoke the will of the people and select their own constituents. The Democratic governor agrees.

Of course this is just a flesh wound Trump, whose next threat is to bite off their legs.

7 the deep trump status lackeys

For a man whose every turn has been blocked by his own incompetence, if not his own bureaucracy, there are a remarkable number of well-placed Trumpists doing everything they can to stretch the incoming Biden administration.

There’s the unknown Administrator Emily Murphy, who heads the General Services Administration and has the power to activate government support for the transition. Murphy refuses to do so and apparently he feels really bad about this.

It’s not as bad as Biden’s team, which can’t access federal officials or national security briefings. But it’s still wrong.

There is the less obscure, but no less sincere, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo whose department has been hoarding messages from foreign leaders to Biden. These pesky foreigners still find a way to get to Biden, which is why the move is as futile as it is petty. But no one accuses Pompeo of being a great thinker.

And then there’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who has decided, against the wishes of the Federal Reserve, finish various emergency loan programs. Whatever Mnuchin’s motive, his cunning will prevent his successor from supporting the economy early next year.

Because if you can’t stop the next president in court or at the electoral college, you can surely reverse it by naming the next president in office.

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