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“Let’s not get distracted, the only one capable of beating Sánchez is Pablo Casado”




The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has today vindicated his management in these first two years of municipal government, at a time when his rising political figure was being overshadowed by the fervor unleashed around Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Genoa has wrapped up the mayor of Madrid, with the presence of Teodoro García Egea, who has issued a warning to sailors: “Let’s not get distracted, the only one capable of winning Pedro Sánchez is Pablo Casado.”

With a format very similar to an electoral rally, in a park in Madrid near the Plaza de Manuel Becerra, the absolute protagonist has been Almeida. Genoa He owed it to him, after a few months in which the party has been devoted to Ayuso, due to the May 4 elections and the resounding success of the acting president of the Community of Madrid.

A video has summed up the two “very hard” years that Almeida has lived as mayor. He has been seen in the street, surrounded by locals, with hoteliers and merchants, with his municipal team: “We have been serving Madrid for two years.”

The secretary general of the PP he congratulated “the mayor of Madrid, the mayor of Spain, José Luis.” García Egea has praised a mayor who went “from the banner to the facts.” «You have shown a capacity for work that few politicians have had in 40 years of democracy. We are all proud of you, all of us », he stressed.

“The Madrid City Council is the best showcase for the PP”, explained García Egea. “Together we are going to win Pedro Sánchez so that Pablo Casado is the next president of the Government of Spain.”

«The mayor of Madrid does not forget where he comes from. We will always remember, we will never forget, that no matter how important we are, no matter how important the position we have, if today we are celebrating these two years it is thanks to all of you », he said, referring to the match. “Without a party there is no government, and if you forget the party, you are left without a government,” has warned number two of the PP.

García Egea has also praised the ‘Almeida style’: “It’s the authenticity, he’s a real guy.” “He is an authentic person, close, whenever someone has needed him, he has been there.” “The important thing is that we keep our ideas clear, that if we are here today, it is for all of you, for the party members who have made this possible.”

And he has not forgotten to remember that if Almeida and Ayuso are governing, it is thanks to a decision by Pablo Casado, who is the one who proposed one and the other as candidates for the City Council and the Community, respectively. «Let’s not get distracted, the only one capable of beating Pedro Sánchez is Pablo Casado. With initials and with candidate, Pablo Casado and the PP, do not confuse us ».

Precisely, the MayorIn his speech, he thanked Casado for choosing him and Ayuso as a candidate: “Thank you for throwing yourself in the pool.” Almeida has boasted of the municipal team and the work that everyone has done in these two years. “It is only the beginning, now the best is coming,” Almeida warned. “We must transmit a message of optimism and hope for the future of Madrid and the people of Madrid,” stressed the mayor, ready to place the capital of Spain among the great capitals of the world. “Madrid is going to be in its rightful place, as one of the best cities in the world to live in.”

Almeida has regretted that the Government of the Nation It has not helped Madrid at all in these two years. He has criticized above all that Sánchez has not stepped on the street in this city. “That is why we need a change of government now, which we are promoting from Madrid with the policies of Madrid, to bring one of our own, Pablo Casado, to La Moncloa as soon as possible, with the strength of a party like La Moncloa. Community of Madrid, and with policies, those of the Community and the Madrid City Council, which are the best for Spain, and which are the model that will remove Pedro Sánchez from La Moncloa and will lead Pablo Casado ».

The Almeida style

Andrea Levy, Councilor for Culture and spokesperson in the City Council, and Pío García Escudero, president of the Madrid PP manager, have opened the event with praise for Almeida for his “style” and management. The PP thus claims an “Almeida style”, and not just an “Ayuso style.”

And what is Almeida’s style? García-Escudero has described it like this: «The Almeida style is to be in the street, to talk with the neighbors, with the hoteliers, to invent the terraces of the pandemic that so many hoteliers have saved, the Almeida style is the Samur, to help the Madrid residents to survive when they had lost their jobs due to the pandemic ».

“The Almeida style, like the Ayuso style, is a way of governing that reflects what the Casado style will be when it comes to power,” explained García-Escudero.

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