Thursday, December 2

Levante and Getafe continue without winning

Levante and Getafe tie at zero.

Levante and Getafe tie at zero.

Levante and Getafe, the only two teams in the League that started the day without knowing the victory, They still do not win after the tables with which a thick game was resolved and with few occasions.

Neither of the two teams risked in attack beyond the few exits to the counterattack that occurred sporadically in a crash in which it seemed that not losing was important.

Both teams, with the debut of a coach, Javi Pereira in Levante and Quique Sánchez Flores in Getafe, came out with a 4-4-2, but with one of their points very aware of supporting their teammates in the core.

The game of both teams was always very predictable, which always gave the rear an advantage, which always well positioned prevented the chances of scoring that, on the other hand, were not frequent, although in the final stretch of the crash, fatigue opened up a defensive fissure, but nobody knew how to take advantage of it.

Getafe started a little more toned, with slight approaches to the goal defended by Aitor Fernández, but without any of them being accompanied by offensive clarity.

After ten minutes of play, forces leveled off and, within the framework of that equality, neither team clearly reached the opponent’s area.

The defenses did not give the opposing attackers a choice, the game was very tactical and positional and there was no room for surprises. or the spaces that could be used by the forwards.

A couple of distant shots from Arambarri reduced Getafe’s offensive strength, while a counter in which Melero fell alone in good position and a deflected shot from Soldado summed up the local options.

In this way and with hardly anything having happened, the meeting reached its equator with little merit, but even, for both teams.

Little changed the tonic of the meeting after the break, and that neither one nor the other dared to seek victory decisivelyAlthough the locals, in a counterattack, had a goal option on a ball that David Soria successfully sent for a corner.

Minutes passed and everything seemed to depend on an inspirational blow from one of the two teams, since respect was maximum and rival arrivals at the goal were scarce despite the fact that Getafe lavished the corners, although none of them with danger.

Once the meeting has reached its final quarter of an hour, Getafe controlled the game more, but Levante had some arrival to the counter, without any action making the goal clearly foreshadow.

In the end, some arrival at goal, more the result of fatigue than of the game, offered an option, but never with a goal mark, so the match ended with a draw that reflects the merits, but also the problems of both teams.


0 – Levante: Aitor Fernández, Miramón, Vezo, Mustafi, Clerc, De Frutos (Franquesa, m.77), Radoja, Melero (Cantero, m.58), Pablo Martínez, Soldado and Morales.

0 – Getafe: David Soria, Damián (Iglesias, m.84), Cuenca, Djené, Olivera, Florentino, Timor (Darío, m.77), Arambarri, Maksimovic, Aleñá (Nyom, 84) and Sandro (Enes Unal, m.64).

Referee: Melero López (Andalusian committee). He admonished Miramón (m.39), Morales (m.58) and Clerc (m.64) and for Getafe Timor (m.28), Olivera (m.49) and Arambarri (m.68)

Incidents: match of the ninth day of the League played at the Ciutat de València stadium in front of 14,551 spectators.

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