Thursday, August 5

Levante draws a draw in the first leg of the Cup in San Mamés

The semifinal tie of the Copa del Rey between Athletic and Levante will be decided in the return, in the Ciutat de València, after the 1-1 draw in the first leg at San Mamés with so many of Gonzalo Melero, in the first part, e Iñigo Martinez, in the resumption.

Send us so many to centers Jorge de Frutos and Iker Munian that, however, leave a slight advantage to the group of Paco Lopez, which is sought by the first final in its history, for the value of the goals scored in the opposite field.

A part for each team

The 1-1 did justice, since Levante was better in the first half and Athletic, with three changes made by Marcelino Garcia Toral, in the second.

Although in arrivals and occasions the Bilbao team was superior, which found a great Dani Cardenas low sticks and a Oscar Duarte insuperable. The Costa Rican blocked up to three balls, two to Iñaki Williams and one to Berenguer, with many goal options.

Although Levante, positioned in a 1-4-1-4-1 that gave many problems to Athletic’s midfield, took control of the game and enjoyed a good chance in minute 4, a header from Melero that licked the crosshead on play punished with offside.

Muniain, incisor

The granota team was increasingly commanding when they developed a great band combination, born out of a numerical superiority of Paco López’s team that ended 0-1.

Although he accused the goal, Athletic tried to rebuild and sought a tie in varias plays generated by Muniain. In the first two, Duarte blocked Williams’ shot attempts; and in the third Iñigo finished off a corner from the captain, but Radoja got in the way of the header.

Three changes

So dissatisfied Marcelino ended the first part that he made a triple change without waiting for the second half to start. In the locker room, the double pivot Dani García-Vencedor remained, misplaced at 0-1, and Capa. Which meant that De Marcos delayed his location to the side. Vesga, Unai López and Berenguer entered.

And Athletic noticed that decision of Marcelino well, since came out unleashed and in just seven minutes he generated up to three scoring chances in which Cárdenas restored his coach’s confidence.

He first cleared a header from Raul, to the center of Muniain; then he repelled a point-blank shot from Berenguer; and finally repelled, well placed, a hard low angle shot from Williams at the near post.

Tribute to Aduriz

With the fourth shot followed by the lions he could not. A cross header from Íñigo Martínez, to the center of Muniain on a corner kick. Is the seventh assist of the rojiblanco captain in the ten games Marcelino has played on the Bilbao bench. Íñigo’s header was a tribute to Arit Aduriz, who turned 40 this Thursday.

An auction of Yeray Already in the addition was the last opportunity to change a score that leaves almost everything for the return at the Ciutat de València.

Athletic: Unai Simón; Capa (Berenguer, m.46), Yeray, Íñigo Martínez, Yuri; De Marcos, Dani García (Vesga, m.46), Vencedor (Vesga, m.46), Muniain; Raúl García and Williams (Villalibre, m.79).

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I raised: Cardenas; Coke (Son, m.54), Postigo, Duarte, Clerc; Radoja; De Frutos (Rochin, m.68), Melero (Malsa, m.54), Bardhi (Vezo, m.81), Morales; and Roger Martí (Dani Gomez, m.68).

Goals: 0-1, m.26: Melero. 1-1, m.58: Íñigo Martínez.

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