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LG Ultra 3rd Gen, this is the laptop for professionals of the Korean brand

LG has returned to the fray this beginning of the school year with a laptop that has always delivered. Now, with its third iteration, it tries to convince professionals that they must change equipment and do not know which brand to choose.

Here we have already reviewed the LG Ultra laptops before. And we have always liked them. They are light, powerful, have a good screen and move very well for the hardware they carry. Of course, they are not for gaming, there is no doubt about that.

His 2022 LG Gram (more View screen) has also convinced us, in a similar but different concept. In both cases, LG knew what to offer its customers: light, fast equipment with good autonomy.

That is why today, when LG presents its 3rd Generation LG Ultra, we cannot miss the opportunity to review the characteristics of a new device that has to justify a third iteration, after more than a year with the 2nd Gen LG Ultra. in the market.

LG Electronics has presented in Spain today its LG Ultra 17U70Q and LG Ultra 16U70Q, both very similar to each other at the level of design and features, they change in essentials: size and processor.

Both have a screen with ultra-thin frames (aspect ratio of 16:10). The 17-inch model is equipped with a Wide Quad Extended Graphics array display (2,560 x 1,600 px). Its panel format covers up to 96% sRGB.

First, the 17-inch model (17U70Q) updates its components with the new processors Intel Alder Lake Core 12th generation and a lower consumption and higher power DDR5 RAM than the previous one.

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This model also incorporates the new 2nd generation NVMe SSD hard drives, while upgrading your graphics card to the new NVIDIA RTX 3050Ti, with up to 4GB of RAM. It is not the best for gaming, but it does meet the needs of audiovisual professionals.

For its part, the 16-inch model (16U70Q), more oriented to creators looking for more, integrates an AMD Ryzen processor together with an AMD Radeon graphics card. Unfortunately they do not specify if it has an integrated or a dedicated card.

In terms of weight, the 17-inch model reaches a maximum of 1.95 kg, while the 16-inch model is reduced to 1.6 kg.. They are not the lightest, but keep in mind that they are quite large.

At the level of connectivity, the LG Ultra include Thunderbolt 4 and WiFi 6, without forgetting the three USB 3.2 ports and USB 4.0 Gen3x2. This last port allows the user to charge devices, transfer files and display content through a single port.

Availability and prices of the LG Ultra 17U70Q and 16U70Q

Let’s go with the important. The two models are already available to buy in Spain, and the price difference between them is really big.. Although you have to take into account the size and that Intel, at the moment, is still more expensive than AMD. In addition, this model has dedicated graphics.

  • LG Ultra 17U70Q from €1,999
  • LG Ultra 16U70Q from €1,049

If you are not looking for very high graphics performance, the 16-inch model with AMD Ryzen would be yours. If you are looking for a computer that does not leave the Adobe package, in that case you should go for the model with Intel and NVIDIA. But they are 1,000 euros difference.

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