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Library Cooperation Council | The libraries of Murcia, recognized with the Quality Seal for their easy-to-read social inclusion project

The Municipal Network of Libraries of Murcia (RMBM) have been recognized in Spain with the Quality seal, granted by the Library Cooperation Council, dependent on the Ministry of Culture, for its social inclusion project ‘Building bridges with easy reading’, municipal sources reported in a statement

The councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes barnabas, together with the president of Astrapace, Rosa García Iniesta, the president of Assido, Juan Pedro Sánchez, and the director of the Mariano Baquero Institute, Fuensanta Torrano, visited the Santiago El Mayor library on Tuesday, one of the branches where the developed the project.

‘Building bridges with easy reading’, promoted by the Murcian Consistory, allows to bring reading to groups and individuals who, for different reasons, have reading difficulties -permanent or transitory-, collaborating with different entities, such as Assido, Atrapace and the Aula Abierta of the Mariano Baquero Institute, in which students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) participate, as well as as the nursing home of San Basilio.

“The Municipal Library Network of the Murcia City Council was recognized nationally with this distinction for the project ‘Tendiendo bridges with easy reading’, which has led to the expansion of the collection of books in easy reading, exceeding 900 copies, among other benefits for users “, Mercedes Bernabé has highlighted. Specifically, the RMBM was distinguished with the Seal of Quality in the category of more than 10,000 inhabitants.

This project turns libraries into more inclusive and accessible spaces through different actions carried out simultaneously, such as the launch of the easy reading clubs with the associations and groups of people with disabilities mentioned above. The libraries of San Basilio, Santiago el Mayor, Puente Tocinos and José Saramago They are the centers responsible for the programming, coordination and moderation of these reading clubs.

More than 900 copies

Among the fruits of this project, the expansion of the collection of easy-to-read titles and their location in visible places stands out, which has led to an increase in loans of these titles.

Currently, the Municipal Library Network has 920 copies in easy reading -and, specifically, 83 titles-, among which are ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, by Jules Verne; “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, by Robert Louis Stevenson; ‘Under the same sky: Winnipeg heading to Chile’, by Núria Martí Constans; the graphic novel ‘Love is too complicated’, by Andrés Guerrero: ‘Mary Poppins’, by Pamela Lyndon Travers; ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’, by Mark Twain; ‘The music of the wind’, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra and ‘The treasure island’, by Robert Louis Stevenso.

In addition, there was an improvement in those who are members of the reading clubs. “More and more people interested in easy reading are attending the library individually in their free time. This project has also helped improve vocabulary, the reading comprehension and the way of expressing themselves of its members «, has pointed out the mayor. Among other actions, ‘Building bridges with easy reading’ has involved the development of meetings, seminars and contests, as well as the training of library staff on inclusion.

It should be noted that easy reading clubs were launched in 2014 and are developed in six groups: two from Assido, two from Astrapace, one with the Open Classroom of the Mariano Baquero institute, in which students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) participate, and ‘Pintando caas’, with the elderly from the San Basilio residence. Due to the pandemic, the clubs were unable to carry out their activity in person. However, among the audiovisual activities that were developed during 2020 of virtual way, Easy Reading recommendations were included.

With this initiative, the City Council takes a further step in meeting the sustainable development objectives of the United Nations set in the 2030 Agenda, to ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities. In addition, the project meets the objectives set in the I Universal Accessibility Plan of the Murcia City Council.

About the Library Cooperation Council

The Library Cooperation Council Seal is a Annual recognition granted by the Library Cooperation Council with the aim of highlighting the value of the most outstanding library projects in this field. Specifically, this council is the collegiate body of inter-administrative composition that channels library cooperation between public administrations within the framework of the III Strategic Plan 2019-2023, which has Equality in the Library as its common thread.

Special programming for the 8 M

The RMBM joined the commemoration of International Women’s Day, held this Monday, March 8, with the display of audiovisual and virtual activities, literary recommendations and reading guides for all types of audiences.

The program includes four monographs on Murcian writers, such as María Cegarra or Carmen Conde, and women who have stood out in the history of libraries, such as Hipatia de Alejandría, Henriette Avaram Davidson or Angelita García Rives. Among other actions, the municipal libraries prepared points of interest with a selection of outstanding titles on the occasion of March 8. The assemblies and different actions are broadcast on the social networks and YouTube channel of the City Council and the Municipal Network of Libraries of Murcia.

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