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Lidl DIY tools: these are the best you can buy on their website

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Lidl is a leader in supermarket products, but did you know that they also have DIY tools? From its website you can buy tools of all kinds very cheap.

Not only do you do your day-to-day shopping, at Lidl, in addition to having some of the best-known electrical appliances, they also have many diy tools that you cannot miss.

Surely you have ever seen them in their physical stores. Every few months you can buy them in their stores, but since these offers last around 4 or 5 days, if you get lost it is impossible to find them for many months.

On the Lidl website in Spain you can get their cheap diy tools no problems and also with free shipping home.

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We are talking about machines such as jigsaws, circular saws, welders, sanders, screwdrivers, drills, milling machines and much more.

Without the need for them to be in the weekly catalog, you can get hold of them for very little money to make your home repairs.

These tools belong to Parkside DIY Tool Brandone of the Lidl brands like others of the Silvercrest style, Esmara among others.

  1. Rechargeable drill driver
  2. Angle grinder
  3. Pendant jigsaw
  4. portable circular saw
  5. sander
  6. rechargeable screwdriver
  7. Soldering station

Parkside Rechargeable Drill Driver

Rechargeable drill driver at Lidl

This is without a doubt the number one product to buy as a DIY tool, the one that everyone should have at hand: a rechargeable screwdriver and drill.

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As the name already indicates, it is a product that allows you to make holes in walls or any surface, as well as being able to use it as a screwdriver with less power. Practice from making the typical hole in the wall to hang pictures to making furniture or adapting it.

You can get this Parkside rechargeable drill driver for less than 30 euros at Lidl.

Parkside Angle Grinder

Angle grinder 750 W at Lidl

This tool is very useful for sanding certain surfaces, as well as cutting elements such as pipes or screws. A grinder is easy to use and only requires you to buy wheels of different materials for the job you need.

Parkside’s 750 W angle grinder only costs 27.99 euros at Lidl.

Parkside Pendulum Jigsaw

Pendicular jigsaw at Lidl

A jigsaw is a basic tool in any home to be able to cut especially wood. It is a DIY tool that everyone should have for your “DIY” projects.

That’s why it’s a good idea to buy this Parkside pendicular jigsaw. You can use any type of conventional saw blade from brands like Bosch, Makita, and pretty much anything you can find. It also has a vacuum tube and thus generate less dust or sawdust.

You can find it for less than 50 euros at Lidl with free shipping.

Parkside Portable Circular Saw

Portable circular saw at Lidl

If you are looking for a saw to cut wood in a simpler way and without the need to always have it connected to the electrical network, you need a portable circular saw like this one from Parkside.

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Unlike the jigsaw, this tool is focused on making fast, straight cuts. You can buy cutting discs of different materials of any brand and it is wireless thanks to its battery.

Considering that it costs less than 30 euros at Lidl, it is a good tool to have in your kit to create your own furniture.

Parkside Sander

Parkside Sander at Lidl

If you are creating your own furniture or would like to give a different style to some wooden furniture, you cannot miss a sander like this one from Parkside.

You just have to put sandpaper on its base, connect it to the electrical outlet and you can go over the wooden surface as many times as you want to remove paints, varnishes or finishes from any product.

You can get it for less than 20 euros at Lidl. A perfect price for this type of tools.

rechargeable screwdriver

Lidl rechargeable screwdriver

A rechargeable screwdriver It is a very useful tool for assembling all kinds of furniture, which is surely the most normal use for this type of product.

It is wireless, its battery can be recharged via USB and it has interchangeable tips for all kinds of screws.

Taking into account that it only costs 12 euros, it is a highly recommended purchase.

Soldering station

Soldering station in Lidl

If what you would like is to fix electrical appliances, then one of the basic DIY tools is a soldering iron like this Parkside model for sale at Lidl for less than 13 euros.

It is a 48 W adjustable soldering station with soldering iron holder, soldering iron sponge, compartment for accessories and power switch. You will only need a coil of tin and ready, to solder!

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