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LIDL MONSIEUR CUISINE | Lidl’s kitchen robot goes on sale again

The Lidl’s most wanted product returned to supermarkets this Christmas and is already causing a furor in stores and on the website of the German chain. the well-known Cooking robot from Lidl Monsieur Cuisine Plus It has gone on sale again this December, after the previous model was withdrawn after the conviction of Thermomix, a leading brand in the sector, for plagiarism, although now the justice system has agreed with Lidl. The food processor Lidl it sells out every time the German supermarket chain announces its sale and it is not for less, since it cooks, beats, mixes, chops, grinds, sautés, emulsifies, kneads… and for much less money than other kitchen robots.

In fact, the Lidl food processors They are a sales phenomenon: they sell out in a matter of hours in supermarkets, since the chain puts them on sale at very specific times of the year. But, in addition, they are one of the products that are most found in the purchase-sale applications between individuals. Of course, at a much higher price than the original, due to the great expectation that its sale arouses.

The Monsieur Cuisine multifunction food processor edition more It is ideal for preparing soups, sauces, smoothies, vegetable dishes, meat, pasta, fish, jams, cake batter and much more. The design has won the 2018 Red Dot Award for its design, which has been refreshed and adapted for 2021.

These are the functionalities of the food processor from Lidl Monsieur Cuisine Plus:

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  • Cooking power: 1000 watts

  • 10 speed.

  • Built-in scale.

  • Functions: cook, fry, steam, knead, beat, mix, chop, grind, emulsify, crush ice, weigh, etc.

  • between 37 and 130 °C. Timer up to 90 minutes. Adjustable temperature in intervals of 5 °C between 37 and 130 °C.

  • Timer up to 90 minutes.

  • LCD screen to set time, speed and temperature.

  • 2.2 liter capacity stainless steel container.

  • Lid with filling opening and measuring cup.

  • Steamer with lid and flat steamer.

  • Accessories: cooker, blade, mixer and spatula.

Lidl kitchen robot: price

Lidl puso a la vente el Monsieur Cuisine Plus el Last Saturday December 18. One of the reasons that cause it to be quite a sales phenomenon is the price of Lidl food processor, much cheaper than other leading brands such as Thermomix. Specifically, this new robot has a price of 229.99 euros.

The Cooking robot from Lidl Monsieur Cuisine Plus It has caused such a furor that there are already people who have put their new kitchen robots for sale on Wallapop. Wallapop users are not cut off. Just two days after the German supermarket took out a new batch of its food processor, known for its legal battle against Thermomix and for its low price, the network of second-hand products has been filled with ads reselling it more expensive.

“If I’m honest, I bought it with the idea of ​​​​selling it,” acknowledges another seller of the application that sells the robot “fully sealed” 95 euros more expensive than the original.

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