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Lidl online toys | Five wooden toys for less than 10 euros

Lidl |  These wooden toys are perfect to give at Christmas

Lidl | These wooden toys are perfect to give at Christmas

December is approaching and the toy catalogs, TV commercials are starting to appear and we are already getting “nervous” about Christmas shopping. This year we have to add the supply problems that are already having with some products and many parents are opting for advance the purchases of toys.

The wood toys They are one of the most sought after at this time, especially for the youngest children in the house. Its lightweight but strong material offers many benefits and many parents prefer it to ordinary plastic.

For this reason, we have dived on several websites and we have found a wide range of wooden toys on the Lidl page and at prices for all budgets. In fact, one of its most iconic products is already sold out: its wooden toy kitchen. Along with that of Ikea it has become one of the most popular although that of the German giant is cheaper, it costs 54,99 euros.

Wooden toys from Lidl

If you are looking for a fun and different wooden toy you have a tetris very original. Pieces of different colors can be combined to create different shapes. With this toy you will be able to stimulate their creativity, eye-hand coordination and the learning of colors and geometric shapes. It has a price of 6,99 euros.

If you are looking block building games you have three different models: blocks (80 pieces), city (50 pieces) and stones (58 pieces). Its recommended age is from two years and it will help them improve spatial representation. Costs 8,99 euros.

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Lidl | It has a wide variety of wooden toys LIDL

You also have all the furniture to build your own dolls’ house from Lidl with elaborate details, even with fabrics. Chairs, tables, kitchen, crib, high chair, hammocks, sofas … All details are included in this set of furniture that costs 6,99 euros.

We have also found a great variety of games in its modality of trip. Wooden boxes with different games that are perfectly hooked to support those trips by car, train or plane and that are much more enjoyable. Memory, chess, Parcheesi, logic or the typical four in a row to have fun with the classics that never go out of style. Each is priced at 6,99 euros.

Lidl | Fruits and vegetables and travel games are children’s favorites LIDL

Finally, Lidl also has one of the classics that children love the most: the fruit cutter sets. Fruits and vegetables. They are pieces of wood joined by a velcro that simulate a fruit. With a wooden knife, the little ones can cut them in half and imitate their parents when they prepare it. Costs 6,99 euros.

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