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Like the Cowboys, Dak Prescott came from behind twice to beat the Patriots in overtime

The Patriots appeared to have the advantage on their tilt with the Cowboys Sunday afternoon after Greg Zuerlein missed a 51-yard field goal. The kick sailed down the left with 2:42 left in the fourth quarter and the Patriots won 21-20.

The Cowboys had all three timeouts and a two-minute warning to work, but New England was running the ball well with Damien Harris. They just needed to get one first and they would be able to put the Cowboys through a difficult time crisis or, potentially, run out of time.

However, the Cowboys came back twice in the final three minutes of the game to force overtime. From there, they emerged with a 35-29 road win thanks to a couple of great plays from their defense and countless strong shots from Dak Prescott and the offense.

Here’s a look at the momentum-shifting big plays that occurred at the end of the Cowboys’ win over the Patriots.

PATRIOTS VS. COWBOYS: Highlights, analysis of the victory of Dallas

Trevon Diggs maintains interception streak, Cowboys alive with pick-six

Diggs started the madness of the fourth quarter. Damien Harris ran for no gain on the first down before a late-game penalty backed the Patriots for five yards. Then the Patriots decided to go second and 15 and the results were disastrous.

Mac Jones threw a canted pass that hit Kendrick Bourne in the hands and bounced directly into Trevon Diggs’ arms. It marked Diggs’ sixth straight game with an interception to start the year and his seventh overall.

Because Diggs had jumped the incline route, he had a clear lane to the left sideline. He followed that up to the end zone for a touchdown.

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That gave the Cowboys a 26-21 lead. They failed to convert the two-point conversion, but ensured that the Patriots would need a touchdown in the final 2:21 to defeat the Cowboys.

Mac Jones fights back with a 75-yard TD to Kendrick Bourne

It took the Patriots 10 seconds to respond to Diggs’ big play. Jones and the New England offense entered the field and prepared a pass play, once again to Bourne.

Jones had a clean pocket and was able to find Bourne between two defenders. He dropped the ball perfectly and after the safety invaded Bourne, the catcher was able to scamper into the end zone.

The Patriots’ two-point conversion was successful and put the team up 29-26. However, the team left 2:11 on the clock for the Cowboys to work, and Dallas had three timeouts and a two-minute warning to play.

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Cedrick Wilson side shot

The Cowboys began the march slowly and faced a quarter and four on their own turf. Failure to convert meant Dallas would have put the Cowboys in a difficult position, essentially needing a 3-pointer and elimination to guarantee a chance to win the game.

Prescott and Cedrick Wilson made sure that didn’t happen. Prescott managed to find Wilson with his pocket collapsing and put the ball high enough that only his receiver could catch it. Wilson made the acrobatic grip and kept the Cowboys’ drive alive.

Dak Prescott completes 24-yard pass to CeeDee Lamb

The Cowboys were able to register the ball on the field and worked within field goal range. However, they were eliminated for an untimely penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. As a result, they had a third and 25 of their own 45 with 31 seconds left in the game.

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Dallas needed to rack up significant yards to have a shot at a game-tying field goal or to better position the team for a game-deciding fourth-down attempt. Prescott had nearly three seconds in his pocket and could see CeeDee Lamb breaking in front of Jalen Mills near the first down marker. Prescott shot him and Lamb rose slightly to catch.

A better pitch may have allowed Lamb to take the first down, but it was enough to put the team on field goal range.

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49-yard field goal by Greg Zuerlein

Mike McCarthy called a timeout with 24 seconds left in the game to set up Greg Zuerlein on a 49-yard field goal attempt. Zuerlein had failed since 51 shortly before, but was sincere in his attempt. It wasn’t right in the middle, but it never seemed to be in danger of failing.

Zuerlein’s previous failure had been to the left, so maybe he was making up for that. The brand made it 29-29 with 20 seconds left. The Patriots ran the ball once in their subsequent possession and let the game go into overtime.

Umpires miss an obvious mask on the Cowboys

The Patriots actually got the ball first in overtime, but their series stalled at a third-and-three when Jones couldn’t connect with Nelson Agholor on an open pass.

However, a closer look revealed that Agholor had been the victim of a face mask that the referees missed. The penalty was not collected and the Patriots kicked the ball to the Cowboys.

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Dak Prescott finds CeeDee Lamb for the winner of the 35-yard game

After the Cowboys got the ball, they continued to move it with ease across the field against the Patriots. They didn’t even have to settle for a field goal attempt to win it.

Dallas executed a game action pass at first and 10 that saw Prescott roll to the right as the offensive line and running back slid to the left. Prescott held the ball for a few seconds before spying on Lamb opening up and across the field.

Lamb had taken a couple of steps on Mills and no one else had come back to help him. The rest of the Patriots had either been caught up in running support or were covering Prescott’s inferior goals.

That gave the Cowboys a 35-29 victory, their fifth in a row. The Patriots home crowd was certainly disappointed in the result, as both teams had a chance to win in the final minutes of regulation time and in overtime, as can be seen from the Next Gen Stats win odds chart. competition.

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