Thursday, September 23

Lili Estefan to Eduardo Yañez: “Come to the stove that heats the merchandise”

Lili Estefan.

Photo: Lili Estefan / Courtesy

Yes, as you read it, with or without glasses this is what he said Lili Estefan a Eduardo Yañez: “Come to the stove that heat the merchandise.”

Romance at the door? … Well, it may be possible for many reasons, because they have known each other for many years and she has always defended him not only privately, but even publicly at times when he was indefensible, such as when he carried out several acts of violence, even with the reporter from his own show ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’.

But that’s not all, they are both single, She is also already divorced and, although she says that she still does not feel ready to trust love again, Yañez is someone she knows in every way, except one: love.

And as if that were not enough, in an interview he did for the Univision afternoon show with Clarissa Molina, He confessed that he had invited him to Miami with all payment but he had not accepted.

What did Yañez say before this public balcony? The actor justified himself by assuring that he was solving his health problems, that at the time Lili invited him was rehearsing in the novel ‘Si Nos Dejan’, which premieres this Monday on Univision, of which he later had to resign.

Now the actor is at his house in Los Angeles, a little closer to Lili who lives in Miami, so La Flaca returned to the charge and live, to the surprise of Clarissa and Yañez himself, he said: “Come to the stove that heats the merchandise”.

What was the actor’s response? “Is the store already closed or is it busy?”… He told her in a metaphorical way of whether he still had the chance or she was already with someone, to which Lili replied that it was already closed, although she ended with a: “I love you, Lalo!”.

Let us remember that in 2017, almost 4 years ago, Lili surprised by announcing in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ that she was separating from her husband, Lorenzo Luaces, after days before having celebrated 25 years of marriage.

“With heart in hand Today I started the process of separating from my husband, with whom I have shared my life for the last 28 years. This has not been a decision taken lightly, although it was a very painful one, I definitely feel that it is what I should do, always thinking about the well-being of my two beautiful children, the most precious treasure that this relationship has left me ”, part of the speech he said that day.

Months later it became known what had really happened. Lorenzo was unfaithful to her and she found out because a paparazzi He asked for $ 200,000 for the images that proved said act. Something that ended up buying his uncle Emilio so that the scandal was not greater.

What followed was one episode of pain after another. He sent her the petition for divorce, long discussions about money, while she kept hoping to get back what they had. But that was not possible, a sample of them is that, as he confessed in ‘Red Table Talk’, from the day that the father of his children left the house, he never spoke to her again.


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