Friday, April 19

Lion in China zoo goes viral for unique mane, officials deny giving a haircut

The photos of a lion from a zoo in China are breaking the internet, thanks to its unique mane.

Yes, a lion residing at the Guangzhou Zoo went viral as netizens were amused to see it sporting fringes. The white lion created waves online after a visitor to the zoo recently shared images of it on a Chinese social media platform, the Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu).

In the images, the lion was seen flaunting choppy bangs over its forehead, with many wondering who dared to give the beast a haircut.

As the image quickly spread on other social media sites, people started to demand answers. According to Mothership, the zoo denied allegations about giving the animal a haircut.

The zoo claimed the unique appearance was due to the humidity in Guangzhou province. However, according to a report by Newsweek, a user who had visited the zoo less than a week prior to when the pictures were posted said the lion wasn’t sporting bangs then.

The lion, identified as Hang, by Pearl River News, got many talking online, with netizens comparing his mullet-style hair to celebrities like Bruce Lee and Anderson Paak. While some found the hairstyle cute, others raised doubts about zoo’s statement and said it’s impossible for natural mane to look like this.

In 2020, a temple elephant in Tamil Nadu broke the internet as “Bob-cut Sengamalam”, where thousands throng the Rajagopalaswamy Temple in Mannargudi to see the animal.

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