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Lionel Messi responds to Cristiano Ronaldo: “You can’t win all the time”

Messi speaks in the French press about his bad losing.

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Days after receiving the seventh Ballon d’Or of his career, the Argentine Lionel Messi gave an interview to France Football in which he spoke about his career and his time in the Spanish League, where compete against Cristiano Ronaldo it helped him grow professionally.

“With Cristiano we have had a competition for years within the same championship. It has been wonderful and it has helped us both to continue growing in our respective careers, but without necessarily being aware. I just wanted to improve myself to be the best overall, not be better than someone else, ”said the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) star.

Messi, who at 34 years of age lives for the first time the experience of be part of a club that is not Barça, where he has developed his career, speaks in the French press about his evil losing and the bad times that happened because of this character he has had since he was little.

“I have never liked losing. I have learned… I will not say that I have gotten used to it, but I have learned to accept defeat. You can’t win all the time. I have lost many times but it always hurts me not to reach my goalsHe commented in the interview.

The Argentine confesses that before the birth of his children I could spend a lot of time locked up and only after a defeat, but with the arrival of the little ones he has learned to relativize, a forget what happens on the pitch.

“As a child I hated losing And I’ve grown up with that mindset. Wanting to always win, all the time. Not only in football, in all games ”, he explained.

He also reveals that he regretted his attitude in 2006, when won his first Champions from the bench and, after the victory, he went alone to the locker room instead of celebrating with your peers.

“I’m sorry. I was not aware at that moment of what I was experiencing. I just thought about what had not participated“, he pointed.

Messi, who talks about his humble origins and the hormonal treatment that he began receiving as a child and that motivated his departure to Barcelona in order to pay it, it is defined as an orderly person in his professional life and private.

“I have always liked routine. I think it has helped me achieve everything I have achieved, “he argued.

Regarding his play in the Argentine national team, he confessed that he has never been bothered that criticize his lack of leadership, since he does not compare with Diego Maradona; although he explained that you have been bothered by other reviews in the past that they didn’t have nothing to do with football.

“I am happy with everything I have experienced; although sometimes I must admit that I would like to go unnoticed, enjoy my family without people recognizing me “, defended the player, who assures that he has never sought to be the best.

“I am content to be considered and cited as one of the best players in the world. I would never have dared to imagine or dream of something like this, but I do not give so much importance to all that. It doesn’t change anything for me to be the best or not“He added.

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