Friday, September 17

Little Nicolás, sentenced to one year and nine months in prison for falsifying the DNI for selectivity

Little Nicholas.

Little Nicholas.

The Provincial Court of Madrid has sentenced to one year and nine months in prison to Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, Little Nicolás, for falsifying a DNI for a friend of his to take the selectivity test on his behalf in September 2012.

The Court thus imposes the first sentence on the young person in the different procedures that it has open for crimes of usurpation of public functions, falsification of official documents, passive bribery, fraud, belonging to a criminal group and disclosure and violation of secrets.

A conviction for a crime of documentary falsification that nevertheless moves away from the 4 and a half years in prison that the prosecutor requested when applying an extenuating circumstance for undue delays in the procedure.

The friend who took the test on his behalf, Manuel AS, is sentenced to one year in prison for the same crime, while the police officer who allowed the falsification “for gross negligence” he imposed a sentence of nine months in prison.

The Court considers it proven that in the September 2012 selectivity exam, Gómez Iglesias planned the impersonation with his friend Manuel, for which they asked for a duplicate of the ID of the first, but using the photo of the second.

The judges do not consider it proven that the police officer realized that the photo was not of Little Nicolás “despite the fact that he was in a position to do so if he had paid minimal attention.” Nor is it proven that she was part of the plan.

The court recognizes that the case has been unduly delayed, since it began in 2015 and the order to open the oral trial was issued in 2018, but it was not held until 2021.

Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias A sentence is pending for the trip he made to Ribadeo posing as a link between the Royal Household and the Vice Presidency of the Government and he has yet to be tried on two other grounds.

One is the alleged scam of a Toledo businessman posing as a government advisor, for which the Prosecutor’s Office requests six years in prison for him for crimes of usurpation of public functions, falsification of official documents and fraud.

In the second pending trial he will face the largest request of the Prosecutor’s Office for him to date: nine years and nine months in prison. They accuse him of obtaining data from the police and the former Security Coordinator of the Madrid City Council, Emilio García Grande, in exchange for favors, all with the intention of impersonating a high official of the State to offer help to third parties in exchange for money.

So far, the young man, who was arrested in October 2014, when he was 20 years old, had been acquitted in the case in which he was charged with libel and slander to the National Intelligence Center.

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