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Little People’s Caryn slammed for ‘shading’ Matt’s ex Amy with digs about home

LITTLE People, Big World star Caryn Chandler has angered fans over her choice words about Matt Roloff and his ex-wife Amy’s old home.

The 54-year-old revealed her honest thoughts while touring the house during Tuesday’s episode.

Matt Roloff's girlfriend, Caryn Chandler angered fans over her comments about the home Matt shared with his ex-wife Amy


Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler angered fans over her comments about the home Matt shared with his ex-wife AmyCredit: TLC
She called the home 'dated' and insisted that she didn't feel comfortable living there


She called the home ‘dated’ and insisted that she didn’t feel comfortable living thereCredit: TLC
Matt offered to remodel the space but Caryn wasn't sold on the idea


Matt offered to remodel the space but Caryn wasn’t sold on the ideaCredit: TLC

In the wake of family patriarch Matt’s decision to put the farm on the market, he’s also battling with what to do with the home he formerly shared with his ex and their kids.

In the scene, the TLC star walked through his Oregon home with his girlfriend, Caryn, as they toyed with the idea of moving into the 5,400-square-foot space.

Caryn, however, was not sold on taking over Matt’s ex’s old digs and did not hold back with her thoughts on the décor.

“The textured walls, I mean, it was probably a beautiful, beautiful house at the time. Now it seems really dated,” she remarked while scanning the living room.

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Matt, 60, opened up about the memories made in the home and the remodeling the family underwent to make it what it is today.

“I mean, there’s a lot of pluses, right? It’s lowered for you. You could cook,” which Matt agreed motivated him to move out of their current home that’s under construction.

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The duo then checked out the bedrooms, which also didn’t please Caryn, who said, “oh dear, I don’t even think I want to go in there.”

She admitted in a confessional interview: “Walking through it, I still feel strongly it’s probably not a good decision for so many reasons.”

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Caryn then expressed her concerns to Matt about moving into the bedroom he shared with his ex-wife.

“I always want to stay open-minded, but I just, I mean, this was your and Amy’s bedroom,” she told Matt.

The father of four attempted to ease her concerns by promising a complete remodel of the bedroom to make it their own.

He further explained in an interview: “I understand Caryn’s hesitation with all this. I mean this house. I raised my family here. It comes with a lot of memories and baggage, and emotion.

“To me, there’s still a practical side; it’s just a house. We could create new memories here,” he reasoned.


But Caryn couldn’t overlook the home’s family significance and believed it was “unfair” to occupy a big house just the two of them.

“If we were to have Thanksgiving here, you know the kids would come in and have that baggage of Amy cooking in there, and now I’m tryna – it just feels, like, it’s really just the emotions behind it,” she began.

“I mean, people can get over that stuff, you know, but we don’t have to do that; you have options. Having this giant house, it almost seems unfair, right? It should go to a family with kids running around like your kids did.”

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LPBW fans were unhappy with Caryn’s honesty as they bashed the TV star in an online thread.

“‘This was probably a beautiful house 20 years ago.’ Gotta love Karyn’s backhanded compliments,” one person remarked.

“I actually think Matt was legit annoyed that he couldn’t talk Caryn into assuming life in the big house. Since Matt’s taste is all over that house and they didn’t do a real update or remodel, I also suspect its not selling because its a major remodel,” said another.

“It seems such a weird choice to me that either Amy, Matt, or Zach didn’t remain in the ‘big house’ since it was already modified for a dwarf family. It just feels kind of wasteful to me; that type of remodel isn’t cheap.

“I also think calling it ‘dated’ is a stretch,” chimed in a third.

Others believed Caryn’s remarks about the house were “rude” given the history Matt has there with his family.


Throughout the episode, Matt struggled with the decision to sell Roloff farms outside of the family.

Matt refused his son Zach’s offer leading to their rift, which has been a focal point in the season.

Zach said: “My dad was definitely encouraging the conversation, [wife] Tori and Caryn [Chandler] came too.”

“The north side is the 30 acres my mom and dad shared, and the whole thing was weird, he starts making excuses… suddenly me and my wife are not good enough to run the farm.

“Whether we don’t have the money, don’t have the skillset… Tori said, ‘It wasn’t cool, I never wanna see someone talk to my husband like that ever.’”

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The argument has further caused a divide among the family, as Zach opted to take a step back from his duties at the farm.

Zach and Tori also decided to move from their Oregon home to their new $1million abode in Battle Ground, Washington.

Zach’s twin brother, Jeremy, also expressed interest in purchasing the farm but was denied.

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The 32-year-old ended up buying his own farm with his wife Audrey, a stone’s throw away from the family’s property.

The Roloff farm listing remains “active” today, as Matt hasn’t reached a deal with any potential buyers as of June 23. 

Caryn claimed there was too much 'baggage' in the home for them to move there


Caryn claimed there was too much ‘baggage’ in the home for them to move thereCredit: TLC
Matt also decided to sell Roloff farms outside of the family


Matt also decided to sell Roloff farms outside of the familyCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

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