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Little time and less knowledge? Learn to cook on TikTok

One of @inmyvegankitchen's Tiktok recipe videos.

One of @inmyvegankitchen’s Tiktok recipe videos.

The best known of TikTok are his music videos, both famous and anonymous, but the brevity of his proposals and the closeness with users is making this platform a successful learning tool for all kinds of subjects, such as cooking. From simple recipes like watermelon ice cream or stuffed buds to more complicated ones like pesto pasta or rice with ribs, the few seconds that a TikTok video are enough for teach the most inexperienced cook.

“Our videos can summarize a recipe in a few seconds, Now people are looking to see a lot of information in a short time, “explains Ani, one of the creators of the account @fithappysisters, to EFE. That is one of the secrets of success, not only of the recipe videos, but of all those who carry the tag #LearnWithTikTok, which already exceeds 9.8 billion views, and that deals with subjects as diverse as languages, history, sports, geography, art or cuisine.

The naturalness with which the subjects are taught is another attraction for the public. That is why many TikTok creators such as Laura Martín, creator of the @missohlaura account, tells EFE that she uploads videos that do not seek to be “beautiful or professional” but “fun and close.” Therefore, the videos, less than a minute long (some even as short as 15 seconds) to accelerated speed, they are agile, with surprisingly precise instructions and without skipping a step of the preparation, with the cook explaining the recipe in detail, to the rhythm of catchy music.

Many creators also believe that it’s easier for your videos to go viral on TikTok than on other platforms. “There are people who do not follow your account but end up finding your videos because they are interested in your type of content,” says Verónica Larco, creator of the @inmyvegankitchen account, to EFE.

The videos are watched by so many users of TikTok thanks to your main page called ‘For You’ and its labels, which show users cooking content they are interested in from accounts they may not have previously followed.

Conversation with followers

Another advantage of TikTok that the creators of this platform see is the ease they have to connect with their followers through comments on their videos. “On TikTok there is a very direct conversation; for example, people can ask me for a different version of a recipe that they have already uploaded, “says Verónica Larco.

Since its inception, TikTok has sought to give visibility to its creators, which is why they launched the tag #RecetasdeVerano, which creators of gastronomic videos have included in their videos of dishes from this time of year, with the intention of reaching as many views as possible.

Content for brands

The success of the videos has opened many doors professionally in the gastronomic world. Some of these creators have started generate content for brands like Ybarra, Pastoret, Dr. Oetker and Oster. “The Italian Academy Chef in Camicia also gave me the opportunity to meet and interview chef Paco Pérez at his Miramar restaurant,” says Laura Martín. Marta Caparrós, from the Edelman team, the communication agency that represents TikTok, believes that this platform has “so much potential” to improve current advertising “that more and more brands in this sector will work with these creators.”

Many content creators are very grateful to have these opportunities, but most indicate that their primary goal is share quality videos to teach your users to cook new dishes. “I am not anyone’s ‘influencer’, I only make videos to inspire and make people think,” says Laura Martín. While for Ani, “if you set a goal and you close in on that, you don’t update” so she and her sister prefer to see what is trending and focus on that so that their account continues to grow and does not become outdated.

What is clear is that the kitchen has come to the platforms to stay.

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