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Live life | These are the collaborators who have gone through ‘Viva la Vida’ and will not return

The program that enlivens the weekend afternoons of many homes has gone through different stages to date. First it was ‘What a happy time’ with María Teresa Campos at the helm, then it began ‘Live life’ with Toñi Moreno and has finally become one of the most important gatherings of Mediaset by the hand of Emma García.

The program not only suffered changes in the drivers but also in the collaborators. This September, ‘Viva la vida’ began a new season giving a change of image to its socialists. In fact, some of the new additions generated great dissatisfaction among viewers and, although they have now gotten used to seeing them on their screens every weekend, they are sure to miss some collaborators who gave a lot of play but, they will not return.

Here is a small compilation of some television faces that have decided to say goodbye to their stage with Emma García:

Irene Rosales

Irene Rosales. INFORMATION

Kiko Rivera’s wife announced that she was leaving the program becausee needed to disconnect from his media side. The numerous family problems that the family drags on overcame her and she was forced to withdraw from television.

Rosa Benito


After her dismissal from ‘Save me’, Rosa Benito made his television comeback on ‘Viva la vida’. The ex-sister-in-law of Rocío Jurado attended the weekend program to comment on ‘Survivors’ and everything related to her family clan but I was not prepared to return to the discussions of the social gatherings and after a while, he decided to end his time on the show. Now, we can see her collaborating with Sonsoles Ónega in ‘Ya es noon.’

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Ylenia Padilla

Ylenia Padilla. INFORMATION

Ylenia Padilla was one of the usual faces of the program but, overnight disappeared from the screen. After a time without news from her, she surprised with her signing on the radio program ‘Yu: don’t miss anything’ but from there she has also left. The one in Benidorm is having one of its worst personal and professional moments. Her live shows on Instagram have placed her at the center of controversy for the attitude he shows in them. Many of his followers have been concerned about his health because of the things he says.

Carmen Borrego

Carmen Borrego. INFORMATION

The clan of the fields you are not having your best family time. The conflicts between the sisters do not stop happening in Telecinco. The Carmen Borrego’s bad relationship with her niece Alejandra Rubio has Terelu Campos very angry.

María Teresa’s daughters shared a set during the weekends but now, Carmen Borrego has started an approach with ‘Save me’, program that her sister abandoned due to the multiple conflicts she had with her classmates. Now, Borrego has said that he wants to work more than one day a week although he also would have liked to continue with his stage in ‘Viva la vida’ but they have not allowed it.

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