Sunday, October 2

Liverpool strips Atlético less cholista

  • Liverpool win (2-0) and are mathematically classified as group leader

  • A controversial expulsion of Felipe marked the game after half an hour

  • Atlético is third with 4 points and Porto, second, with 5

Affirmed Muhammad Ali from Frazier, with whom he fought legendary fights: “I have always brought out the best in the men I have fought. But Joe Frazier managed to get the best of me. God bless that man. I could say the same Klopp from Simeone or his Liverpool this Athletic with which your confrontations in Europe they are already saga. Two outstanding teams that fight capital battles.

Came out the Liverpool to dance around the Athletic patiently and study him. Without neglecting his guard, without launching himself in a suicidal way looking for the direct KO with his usual vertigo. They seemed to have everything under control. Simeone until an inconsequential play on the right wing ended with a first-of-a-kind cross. Alexander-Arnold who bounced in the center of the area and was headed to goal by Who before the passivity of the athletic rear. He had arranged a defense with three central Simeone, but Klopp He beat him in the strategy by leaving him without reference on which to set the mark because the German proposed three arrivals as Mané, Salah and Jota. The rojiblanco team was recomposing itself when Mané got rid of Boil and From Paul to open to the right, and from there Alexander-Arnold gave another center shot with Mané himself converging from behind alone and without a mark to make it 2-0.

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From miracle to red

Atletico’s glass jaw and to the canvas for the second time. Simeone asked for head and Klopp applauded moderately in his technical area. The ‘reds’ had learned from the crash of a year ago in Anfield and from the game a few weeks ago at the Metropolitan, in both the colchoneros came back from 0-2. But miracles have the particularity of not being frequent, even though Atlético has gotten used to them against Liverpool. But it is an indispensable condition to put something on your part, at least faith, and the rojiblancos did not show it. And what is worse, after half an hour Philip I saw a direct red when cutting one against Mané. Athletically exaggerated, out of temper and in no mood to actually play the ball. Which was enough for easy be left in inferiority to the colchoneros. At the end of the first round, Liverpool won the points and threatened with the KO a sounded Atlético who wandered around the ring.

The second round started with another Liverpool crochet, in the form of a Jota goal, which ended up being annulled by the WHERE offside. The play uncovered the defensive permeability of this team that, by dint of accumulating offensive cards to disguise itself as a big team (when it already was), has ended up losing its identity and spirit cholista that has made him great in Spain and in Europe. Could mark Incorrect, it almost did Matip, he almost Who… The KO was in the air and did not react Simeone, locked in the mattress corner. Not a change, not a cry, not a gesture, not an order …

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Avoid KO

With more than half an hour to play, two goals down and one player less, Atlético was dizzy against a Liverpool that after floating like a butterfly was now stinging like a bee. He was able to change everything in a ball hung to the local area that ended with a volley of Luis Suarez to the network, but it came from Gimenez offside. It was the last service of the Uruguayan, who left with Joao Felix to the bench to enter I gave it and Herrera. The offensive referents left orphaned the team when they needed to score. He armored his guard at the cost of losing punch to avoid the KO against a Liverpool that was limited to dancing around him entering and leaving his distance without being cruel. Poor image of Atlético, which must resolve its identity conflict before facing major challenges like this one against a more mature Liverpool. Frazier couldn’t beat Ali this time.

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LIVERPOOL: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold (8), Van Dijk (6), Matip (7), Tsimikas (6); Oxlade-Chamberlain (6), Fabinho (7), Henderson (6); Salah (7), Diogo Jota (7), Mané (7). Changes: Firmino (5) from Mané, Thiago (5) from Fabinho, Origi (5) from Firmino, Minamino (5) from Oxlade-Chamberlain, Phillips (sc) from Alexander-Arnold

ATHLETIC: Oblak (6), Trippier (5), Felipe (4), Giménez (4), Hermoso (3), De Paul (4), Koke (5), Correa (5), Carrasco (5), Joao Félix ( 4) and Luis Suárez (5). Changes: Herrera (4) for Luis Suárez and Lodi (5) for Joao Félix, Vrsaljko (5) for Carrasco, Cunha (5) for Koke for Cunha, Serrano (5) for Correa

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GOALS: 1-0, Jota (12 ‘); 2-0, Mané (20 ‘)

REFEREE: Danny Makkelie, from the Netherlands. He sent Felipe off (35 ‘). Yellow to Hermoso, Mané, Koke, Joao Félix, Matip

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