Thursday, December 2

Liverpool take revenge on a brave Atlético in a passionate duel

  • A penalty scored by Salah annihilates an Atlético that lost 0-2 but only succumbed after the expulsion of Griezmann, who also scored two goals.

  • Klopp’s men repeat the 2-3 that the rojiblancos achieved at Anfield on the last great night of football before the pandemic.

A year and a half after saying goodbye to the Champions in the last big game just before the pandemic, the Liverpool he took revenge on his executioner. On March 11, 2020, Atlético stormed Anfield and went to rooms between tears of a Liverpool that was better. This Tuesday the result was repeated (2-3) of that night decided in the extension, but the ‘reds’ smiled against a rival who did not deserve that punishment either.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the men of Jürgen Klopp, very motivated, they already won 2-0 with so many from Milner and Keita. It looked like a red-and-white debacle, but Griezmann recovered the version that was barely seen in the Camp Nou and balanced the pulse with a doublet, while Luis Suarez he watched the game from the bench.

Expulsion and penalty

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The outlook was hopeful for the locals, but the rigorous expulsion of Griezmann (d. 52) and the Naive penalty from Hermoso about Jota transformed by Incorrect they sank Atlético. The WHERE it also did not help by annulling the maximum penalty awarded on Gimenez (m. 80). strap sent to the clouds the last time in added time.

Athletic, 2; Liverpool, 3

ATHLETIC: Oblak (5); Felipe (5), Kondogbia (5), Hermoso (4); Trippier (5), Lemar (7), Koke (7), De Paul (6), Carrasco (5); Joao Felix (7), Griezmann (7). Technician: Diego Simeone (6). Changes: Giménez (6) for Kondogbia (m. 46); Correa (5) by Joao Felix (m. 79); Llorente (5) for Hermoso (m. 79); Lodi (5) by De Paul (d. 79); Suárez (5) for Lemar (79).

LIVERPOOL: Alisson (7); Arnold (6), Matip (6), Van Dijk (4), Robertson (6); Keita (8), Henderson (7), Milner (7); Salah (8), Firmino (6), Mané (6). Coach: Jürgen Klopp (7). Changes: Fabinho (5) for Keita (v. 46); Jota (6) de Mané (m. 63); Oxlade-Chamberlain (5) from Milner (d. 63); Joe Gomez (sc) of Arnold (f. 85); Williams (sc) by Salah (d. 92).

GOALS: 0-1 (m. 8), Milner; 0-2 (c. 13), Keita; 1-2 (c. 20), Griezmann; 2-2 (34), Griezmann; 2-3 (m. 78), Salah, from a penalty.

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