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Livia Brito shows off her figure without a bra on the seashore

Cuban actress Livia Brito is one of the darlings of the public who likes to enjoy soap operas, but for the moment the artist is enjoying some well-deserved ones beach vacation, so he took the opportunity to walk as comfortable as possible, showing off her figure without a bra, she only wore a bikini bottom.

The protagonist of “La Desalmada” chose to wear white garments, and although she did not use the top part of the bikini, she decided to wear a slightly transparent blouse, which allowed see her curvy body.

Brito looks like a mermaid, with her perfect body, standing on the seashore. With one of his hands he holds his black hair.

Livia Brito vacation on the beach

In one of the photographs she published, she shows her shapely legs, her flat stomach and her long-sleeved blouse, reveals part of her bust, showing that the Cuban woman does not wear a bra.

“Escape and have fun on the beach is what I enjoy the most in life … never lose your inner child and do not stop enjoying every moment that life gives us my babies,” wrote the soap opera actress on her Instagram account .

Sun, sand and sea

What do they like to do on the beach? #liviabrito #beach #sol #sand #sea #diversion #vacations ”, ends the Cuban’s message.

In another of the photographs, Livia Brito is seen to have kicked the sand, to have fun like a girl. His smile shows how well he is having.

The Cuban also shared a third image, where she appears on her back and shows part of her bare back, while the waves of the sea are seen.

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Images have more than 271,000 likes.

Brito does not indicate where he is enjoying his vacations, but without a doubt he is having a good time, after the resounding success he had in “La Desalmada”, his most recent leading role, produced and broadcast on the television network.

Show off your aesthetic figure

His aesthetic body is all inspiration for his more than 6.8 million followers, who do not stop flattering his figure and his natural beauty.

“Pure beauty. How cool. It is super impressive. Super hot body“Some of his followers wrote to the beautiful actress.

The 35-year-old Cuban star a few days ago also shared another photo where she shows off her purple bikini that highlights her aesthetic body, which has stolen sighs among the gentlemen.

Undoubtedly, one of Livia Brito’s favorite places is the beach, That is why she also shared a photograph next to her boyfriend, Mariano martinez, a physical trainer, with whom he has been in a relationship for three years.

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