Thursday, February 29

Liz Cheney is forcing us to take sides. She deserves to lead

To the publisher: What makes Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) such a potentially powerful leader right now despite her loss in the Wyoming Republican primary is that she is accomplishing what no other Democrat or Republican could do. She is forcing people to take sides. (“Cheney’s Wyoming defeat is a win for Trump and a decisive blow to the fading GOP establishment,” column, Aug. 16)

Slowly but surely by her role as admonisher of former President Trump’s “big lie,” Cheney is forcing people to take sides between conventional Republicans and the MAGA faction that has become the party’s anti-democratic wing.

In her role as vice chairperson of the House Jan. 6 committee, she has gotten many GOP witnesses to step forward, give their testimony and repudiate Trump’s election claims.

What Cheney has to offer this country is much more important than his role as Wyoming’s representative in the House. It may not happen overnight, but Cheney may be the one who saves our democracy.

Lynn Lorenz, Newport Beach


To the publisher: For some perspective on Cheney’s loss in the Wyoming primary, it might be useful to look at the actual numbers.

While Cheney did lose by a significant percentage, she lost by fewer than 65,000 votes. A relatively small number of California Democrats could change Wyoming from red to blue by simply moving to that state. Over the next few years, 100,000 or so Californians could change the balance of the Senate.

So, Californians, join the Democrats already living in Wyoming and make a difference.

Deborah WrightLong Beach

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To the publisher: It’s not only sad but downright frightening. Cheney’s loss underscores the new theme for too many Republicans: Believe lies and spread them.

By way of evidence: Harriet Hageman, who beat Cheney, lied on Fox News and said Cheney had never called her to concede. A recording of a call from Cheney to Hageman that was subsequently released showed the lie.

Can this once-proud party ever recover? Perhaps if Democrats and independents vote out Republicans in the midterm election, there might be some hope.

Eileen McDargh Elvins, Dana Point


To the publisher: Columnist Mark Z. Barabak’s characterization of Cheney as “brave and principled” is interesting.

Previously, Sen. Joe Manchin III (DW.Va.) was punished by some of your writers for his stand on that budget-busting climate spending bill. Why wasn’t he brave and principled for standing up to the likes of President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (DN.Y.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco)?

Just asking, because it would be nice for your readers to think The Times was fair and balanced.

Marcus Kourtjian, Northridge


To the publisher: Let’s not over-romanticize the “old” GOP.

Keep in mind that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his ilk have been “the party of no” for almost 20 years. Their main goal during Democratic presidencies has been to keep Congress from accomplishing anything that Democrats could campaign on.

And recall that President Reagan ignited the Republican contempt for the federal government that still plagues us today.

Gary Thorne, Yorba Linda

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To the publisher: Thanks to op-ed columnist Virginia Heffernan for her piece highlighting the anti-MAGA Republicans who might rebuild a GOP that I could support. Now I know whom to watch with hope.

Paula Pitzer, Claremont

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