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Lizzo and Chris Evans exchange messages after she wrote him drunk and privately on Instagram

Lizzo and Chris Evans exchange messages after she wrote him drunk on Instagram

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Some days ago Lizzo confessed dead of shame in TikTok that I had written to Chris Evans via Instagram after having a few too many drinks and being a bit ‘drunk’ to send her a series of private messages that she hoped would be interpreted as an attempt to seduce Captain America himself. As with these types of actions, when she was already sober, she was embarrassed. The good thing is that everything indicates that they are establishing a beautiful friendship.

The truth is that the actor lived up to the reputation of a gentleman that precedes him and, after seeing the publication that the singer shared shortly after recommending to his fans not to drink alcohol and to send private messages on social networks to their idols He finally wanted to answer her to reassure her.

“Don’t be ashamed of a drunk private message. God knows I’ve done worse things in this app, “the actor assured him, referring to a video in which he unwittingly showed an image of a penis saved in his gallery – it has never been clear if it was his – while sharing the content from your mobile phone screen.

According to some media at the time, the photographs were taken with his personal cell phone and Chris Evans mistakenly uploaded them to his Instagram stories. It was actually a video made from screenshots. The real scandal erupted when the photo was minimized by mistake, it was possible to see the photos where he appeared totally naked.

Now Lizzo has revealed that the conversation continued from that point on and that she continues to drop hints that she is interested in Chris on a romantic level in case it was not clear yet.

“Well … they say that you regret 100% of the opportunities that you miss, (and although I tried to delete the message like a fool) I’m glad that now you know at least that I exist,” he assured the protagonist of Captain America in your next message.

“Of course I know it. I am a fan! Keep up the great work you’re doing, ”he replied.

Then the singer wrote to him again and, although he preferred to hide what he said in the screenshots of his conversation that he shared with his fans on TikTok, it can be seen that Chris was very funny.

On the other hand, Lizzo published a totally nude photo a few days in support of self-love and total liberation: “I have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. I used to be overly influenced by people that I believed to be objectively beautiful, by the standard that society sets on what is beautiful. When I saw these people, I wanted to change everything about myself: I didn’t feel like I was worthy of respect. And the truth is that now I do not want someone’s beauty to imply having to detract from that of other people, “he said at the time and sent this strong message along with his image as God brought it into the world.


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