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Llerenense seals pass to the final

Players and coaching staff of Llerenense celebrate passing to the territorial final of the playoff. / Paco Diaz

Promotion phase to Second RFEF

Eliminate Jerez in a match that went to extra time with 1-1, but that classifies Llerena’s team for their best position in the league

Llerenense will be in the final of the territorial playoff for promotion to the Second RFEF due to their best league classification after the draw in the scoreboard produced in the match against Jerez, which was advanced through Nelson, after more than 120 games. Thanks to Chema’s goal and having been third in the table during the season, Luismi Álvarez’s team will face Moralo on Sunday at the Francisco de la Hera to continue dreaming of promotion to the Second RFEF.

With great ardor and intensity in the circulation of the ball, the protagonists started the match in a Francisco de la Hera with a good presence from both fans. Soon, after three minutes, the first spark jumped in the cash register in a bad transfer from Cabezuela to Fran that almost did not reach Iniesta’s boots. The Llerenense replied quickly in a corner that Chema’s magic did not find. It was played more in the confines of Luismi Álvarez’s team and it was Carlos Arias, in a free kick, who sought and did not find the complicity of Pablo Pérez in the shot after ten minutes. The Campiña Sur team woke up and Juanan Calvo took the ball in the dividing line and quickly planted himself in the area. His shipment did not find a recipient. Chema tried from the edge of the area but the shot went to heaven. The Llerenense returned to the charge and it was Christ who demanded Torres. And, whims of football, in the midst of the Llerenense football tsunami, Paquito left his mark in a surgical precision center in the small area that found Yeison’s imperial head to score the goal for the Templar town as a whole. Ruano finished crossed after half an hour as a prelude to the draw. A pass from the left by Cabezola to the second post was finished off by Chema to make the tie.

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Fran Delma; Cabezola, Mario Ramón, Konate, Isaac (Carlos Toy, min. 106); Juanan Calvo (Jesús Toy, min. 75), Mario Tomé (Juanan Sancho, min. 75), Joselu (Zury, min. 89), Ruano, Cristo and Chema.


Sherry: Jesus Torres; Nelson (Jony, min. 67), Pablo Pérez, Yeison, Carlos Arias; Javi Galán, Álex Bravo (Said, min. 57), Iniesta (Sebi, min. 105), Rovira (Juanjo, min. 82); Paquito and Pantoja.

  • Goals:
    0-1 Nelson (min. 24). 1-1 Chema (min. 41).

  • Referee:
    Agraz Diaz (Navalmoral de la Mata). He admonished Mario Tomé, Mario Ramón, Chema and Delma for Llerenense with a yellow card. Jerez saw a yellow card for Iniesta, Carlos Arias, Yeison and Diego Pantoja.

  • Incidents:
    Francisco de la Hera. 1,200 spectators.

A ferocious Llerenense jumped out of the booth looking for the right band with Ruano and Jerez with the singing voice of Paquito and Rovira lying in wait. Juanan Calvo put uncertainty in the stands with a shot that grazed the right post. Ruano tried to surprise Jesús Torres with a static leather serve, but the ball went up. The tension grew in each dispute. No squad knew how to unbalance the balance and had to play the mandatory regulatory extension.

The swords were still high and without anyone to refine the key of the goal. A missile from Cabezola from outside the area deviated from the frame of Jesús Torres and ten minutes later Ruano, in the crescent of the area, tested the muscle temperature of the Jerez defense. Iniesta retired injured and Sebi entered. There were ten minutes left and Jerez put more meat on the grill, but the succulent morsel of the pass to the final next Sunday was taken by the Llere native.

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