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Locate your stimulus check in Spanish with the IRS “Get My Payment” tool

Locate your stimulus check in Spanish with the IRS “Get My Payment” tool

Until this week the IRS made more than 90 million direct deposits

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Direct payments from the stimulus check are starting to pour in for millions of Americans. Last weekend the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began distributing the third round of stimulus checks for which about 160 million Americans will receive a direct payment of up to $ 1,400 per person.

On Wednesday it was confirmed that the agency had made about 90 million direct deposits totaling $ 242 billion. The money has left the treasury, but some banks such as Wells Fargo and Chase reported problems with their online banking because customers could not check if they had received the payment.

The tool “Get My Payment” del IRS will let you know the status of your stimulus check but you will have to be patient because despite being in different languages, the Spanish section was reported for having malfunctions by different users.

Locate your stimulus check with the “Get My Payment” tool

The “Get My Payment” tracking tool is updated once a day, usually at night. The tool can be used to track your payment regardless of whether you are a tax filer or not..

The first batch of payments that was sent by direct deposit, some beneficiaries began receiving it on March 12. “Additional lots will be shipped in the coming weeks by direct deposit and through the mail as a paper check or debit card,” says the IRS website. In case you have lost or destroyed the EIP card by mistake, see in this note what you can do.

How long will it take for your stimulus check to arrive?

In previous rounds of payments, some citizens have had to wait weeks or even months longer than others for their stimulus check to arrive. Although the IRS has generally managed to reduce administrative hassles, different distribution methods make delays unavoidable.

The sending of 90 million payments that came out this week was made by direct deposit, it is the fastest method since the IRS sends the money directly to your bank account.

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However, if the IRS does not have enough information about your bank account or your beneficiaries, it will be forced to send you a paper check or an economic impact payment debit card (EIP) from your home.

According to the agency, some 150,000 physical checks have already been processed and are likely to take up to a week to arrive. EIP debit cards will also have to be produced and distributed, which means that the process will take longer. In previous rounds these cards have started to arrive a week after the physical checks.

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