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Loki: Tom Hiddleston, the promising actor devoured by the god of lies | TV

The universe (ours, the real one) lives in constant expansion. Since the Big Bang, about 13.7 billion years ago, it has not stopped growing. And so it will forever, say the people in the know. The Marvel universe is never going to stop either. Its magnitude, today immense, has been increasing since it was born in 1939, when it recounted the origin of the robotic Human Torch in the pages of Marvel Comics 1. First it was in the form of a pile of monthly comics, and for years shooting in all directions of the cultural landscape. Its last tsunami has been the television series. A wave that grows to leave us drenched: only in this 2021 has three weekly fictions intertwined on Disney +, and there are three to be released. Has this pocket universe become something too vast for the viewer? What does a Marvel series mean today? Its latest premiere takes the definition to the ends of reality.

We enter the world’s first Marvel hotel

This image released by Amazon Studios shows Anthony Starr, left, and Erin Moriarty in a scene from

Superheroes don’t want to save lives anymore

The first 'Crises on Infinite Earths' of 1985 was the great turning point of the DC universe.  Parallel lands were cleared to end a continuity that had already been operating for decades.  The characters ended up hopping onto a single planet and DC started from scratch for new readers.

Comic strips break the rules of TV

Because Loki, about the villain and Norse god of lies, is fully aware of this paradox. Since its introduction with flashbacks to the movies, the series takes advantage of this heyday of infinite possibilities, while at the same time not wanting to leave anyone behind. His story understands that in a panorama where the viewer is aware of these characters, a series of superheroes should not be tied to the topics of the genre. It can be whatever your writers decide. In this case, its creators have decided on a story of temporal paradoxes in the purest style The Ministry of Time (even with grubby bureaucracy). But it could have been an action drama, a romantic comedy, or a heist adventure. No one has made better use of this recipe than the surreal one Legion, the engaged Watchmen Y Wandavision, which paid more homage to the genre of sitcom than superheroes.

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The story begins with too much explanation, and too much exposure, for newbies. Thor’s brother from this series is born from an incorrect timeline he forked along Avengers: Endgame. The god of lies escaped, and has ended up captured by a temporary agency in charge of solving wrongs of the multiverse. The goal is for the future to remain as it should always be, to maintain a timeline. Loki may be the key, and goes from office to office in a series that, perhaps due to the lack of money compared to movies, remains too anchored indoors and in dialogue at a table. A Doctor Who decaffeinated.

The rest of the arguments to shoot this story are put by Tom Hiddleston. An actor without whom this series would not make sense. The Briton overflows with charisma in every horn, in every betrayal. His gaze of Shakespeare’s Iago is precisely what Kenneth Branagh saw when they met on the series Wallander. Hiddleston wanted to be the god of thunder, Thor, but his physique and snake-like appearance made him ideal to be the first villain the Avengers would face. His passion for the character was contagious at each premiere, when he laughed and cried on the red carpets.

Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino in a still from the series 'Loki'.
Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino in a still from the series ‘Loki’.Chuck Zlotnick / Chuck Zlotnick

That performance beyond the screen caused him not only to be perceived as a villain, but as one of those characters that the public loves to hate, who pushes fans to write fiction and create drawings that they share with others who feel the same way. identified. So much so that when they wanted to kill him in Thor: The Dark World, Marvel flinched at the response from viewers.

But if Marvel is a universe, it also has its black holes. Since 2017, Hiddleston – who previously shone in Infiltration, Midnight in Paris O Only lovers survive— has released three films and a series. In all of them he plays the same character: Loki. For the most part, it was nothing more than fanfare without evolution or development. The Briton, however, remains passionate about the character. “I have a sense of responsibility to give my best every time because it is very rewarding to be part of what Marvel has created,” Hiddleston explained a few weeks ago. in the magazine Entertainment Weekly. “Long before I arrived, Loki was already a complex and fascinating character. He has been at Marvel for 60 years, but thousands of years in our minds, in the stories that we humans tell ourselves. ” With 40 years already completed, his dreams as James Bond, yes, they seem finished, although, finally, he changes the tonic a bit and rolls the series The Essex Serpent para Apple.

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Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson in the series 'Loki'.
Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson in the series ‘Loki’.Marvel Studios / Courtesy of Marvel Studios

In exchange for the engagement, they gave him this series, which has become the perfect occasion for the gender-fluid character to come out as bisexual. A clear line of dialogue so they can applaud your message, but blurry enough not to win enemies in China or Russia, where they don’t even accept that representation in crumbs on their screens.

The endless cycle

Owen Wilson (who might teach Hiddleston a lesson in how to mix blockbusters with indie) serves on his dance partner’s series in a sort of buddy movie that returns to give a twist to the genre of superheroes and also to the Marvel universe. Through the past, present and future. First it will be the return to the cinemas with Black widow (July 7), which will be followed in August by the lively What if…?, with the most well-known voices in the universe (including Hiddleston) returning to their roles now in parallel lines.

After the summer, Marvel will continue with a firm hand in Disney + thanks to Hawk Eye (connected to Black Widow), the muslim Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight (with Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke), Among (a lawyer comedy, putting another twist on the genre), Secret invasion (with Samuel L. Jackson, Olivia Colman and Emilia Clarke), Ironheart, Armor Wars… The Marvel universe may have an end one day. At the moment, it does not seem close, and all Hollywood is invited. The already convinced will continue to enjoy and the upstarts will be increasingly confused with this religion that prostrates itself to its god of lies. So much so that Disney has made Loki part of its copyright, to end any other historical mention other than yours on the internet. Because the real god here is capitalism. And that will always want to continue expanding as well.

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