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Loles León: “The theater creates unique moments that cannot be pirated”

Loles León, in a promotional image of the show.

Loles León, in a promotional image of the show.

There are not many faces more recognizable than yours in the show business national. Loles León arrives in Zaragoza for the Pilar festivities with ‘Una noche con ella,’ a show by way of a biography in which the public will be able to get to know, even better, one of the actresses who has left the most mark in recent decades in Spain. “It is a small journey to my life, but not to everything, because the show would have to last three hours,” jokes the actress.

“It’s a journey from when I was little until this precise moment in my life,” says León, who does not dare to categorize her last role because “there is everything: music, dance, acting …”. What is clear is the purpose of ‘A night with her’: “We went up on stage to entertain the audience for an hour and a half.”

Although the show is only a few years old, it was born almost four decades ago. Specifically, 37 years ago, when Loles León and Juan Luis Iborra (author of the libretto and director) met. “One of the first things that Juan Luis wrote was a work, in the eighties, called Loles Nervión“recalls the actress, who assures that Iborra had been with the intention of” creating a show for me “for a long time. The arrival of the show, after having two “in which I did not see myself well”, fulfills a task that runs through the last fifty years of the history of the show in Spain and, moreover, leaves a gap for fiction.

It was said that ‘A night with her’ was 80 percent reality and 20 percent fiction. The repetition, it seems, has changed the portions: “As we do more performances, things get closer to 60-40, but I no longer know if fiction or reality wins,” reflects León, who sees this practice as ” a mystery”. “The viewer must draw their own conclusions,” says the actress, happy that the game between fiction and reality involves an audience that, if they want to get the most out of the show, they must always remain attentive.

For León, the show is a “reflection” of what she has always been as an actress.. ‘Una noche con ella’ allows him to return to those first cabaret performances, “with which I traveled through Spain, arrived in Madrid and became an Almodóvar girl.” A journey through his life that reaches a very varied audience and for very different reasons. Because also young people, “because I always have children who are getting to know me”, come to the show to find out more about the Loles they see on the screen, in such successful series as’ There is no one here ‘or’ The one who lives avecina ‘: “Although it may not seem like it, in each performance there are a handful of teenagers and under 30s who want to know what I do on stage.” León herself recommends viewing this play above her other works, because “the theater connects with the public, touches their emotions and generates unique moments that cannot be pirated.”

The last step of fame has reached León through social networks, in which he also has several thousand followers. The actress remembers with laughter how, during confinement, her song I’m keen to’: “During those months everyone, women, men, gays or heterosexuals wanted to eat a good cock”. The song, born a few years ago for Pride, had a second life in the hardest moments of the pandemic, since “people were desperate at those times, there were many people alone … And we all missed things, also the sex”. All fields, theater, film, television and social networks are combined in a 71-year-old actress who, at a glance, knows why she is still in the spotlight: “People have always liked me because I have always been very clear.”

Although León is undoubtedly the center around which the show revolves, the actress does not go on stage alone. The interpreter has the collaboration of Briel González and Fran del Pino, “who act as actors, dancers and singers”; and of Yeyo bayeyo, in charge of setting the rhythm of the entire function through the notes of his piano.

The different projects he continues to work on may make ‘A night with her’ increase in duration in the near future. “I always want to add new anecdotes “, says the artist, who believes that the show functions as “a wardrobe in which many things fit.” A play that can be as eternal as the actress herself.

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