Saturday, June 25

London’s tiny Latin market that won a 17-year battle against a real estate powerhouse

  • Norberto Paredes @norbertparedes
  • BBC News World

Latino market at Seven Sisters.

Image source, Getty Images


For Vicky Álvarez, the Seven Sisters Latin market is a place that “makes you feel at home” through music and food.

Despite being in the heart of the British capital, here you don’t need to speak English to sit down to taste a Colombian coffee, eat an empanada or simply buy one of the many Latin American products that are offered in some stores.

For a couple of decades, the Seven Sisters Market -also known as the Pueblito Paisa or Latin Village-, has been a meeting point for the Latin community of London, where it is common to hear screams in Spanish and, from time to time when, a vallenato, a salsa or a reggaeton.

But for a few years, many Latin Americans who trade and live there have feared for its disappearance.

However, an intense and long campaign to preserve the market appears to have paid off, after the Grainger real estate company, one of the largest in the UK, abandoned its plans to demolish the site.

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