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Long Distance Relationship Boredom: How to Spice Up Your LDR Again

Is your long-distance relationship starting to lose its spark?

There is no question that being away from your partner is difficult and it takes a lot to make it work. When the initial excitement wears off, you may start to wonder if it’s worth it, as you’re stuck in a rut and going through the motions.

The good news is that there are some super easy ways to spice up your long distance relationship that will make your partner remember why they fell in love with you.

Here are seven ways to fix a long distance relationship.

Surprise them with a visit.

Sometimes you just need to be with your partner to reconnect with them.

Organize a romantic weekend somewhere you can both get to easily, or go the extra mile (literally, in some ways!) and visit them wherever they are.

Few things are more romantic than showing up at your partner’s front door with a bouquet of fresh flowers. When you are together, plan a special meal followed by a night under the covers.

Your partner will love the effort and will definitely rekindle the flame between you!

Plan a special date night online.

If you can be with your partner for any reason, you can make an extra special date night online.

You can order your partner’s favorite takeout and receive it at the same time as yours. They can then enjoy their meal together via Zoom or Skype.

Alternatively, you can host a movie marathon night. Turn on Netflix or Amazon Prime and stream your favorite movies simultaneously. Maybe they are fans of Harry Potter or Twilight. Whatever you like, grab some popcorn, a bottle of wine, and watch the movie “together.”

Just because you can’t be together in person doesn’t mean you need to stop going out of your way on date night.

Write them a real love letter.

Writing letters is a lost art. Receiving a handwritten letter is so rare these days that receiving one in the mail would be a memorable experience.

You could tell your partner how much they mean to you and how much you miss them in your letter, and maybe even include one of your favorite photos of the two of you together.

If you want to be a bit literate, you can always write a little poem too! If not, quote Shakespeare and let the experts work on your behalf.

Spend a ‘virtual’ day together.

If your partner is working or studying away from home, this is an excellent opportunity for you to explore a new place with your partner on Facetime or in a WhatsApp video exploring it with you.

Take a great red bus tour, explore an old castle or stroll through a museum or art gallery, and show your partner what you are doing over the phone.

It’s actually a super fun experience, as your partner will make you laugh by recounting their thoughts about your day.

Just make sure you have unlimited data on your smartphone if you plan something like this as you don’t want to have to rely on public WIFI if you are moving to a new city!

Send a meaningful gift.

Almost every country in the world has access to online shopping, and overnight delivery services are possible in many stores. As such, it has never been easier to send your loved one a meaningful gift to show them how much you mean to them.

But what do we mean by significant? Well, something you’ve thought about well. Maybe send her a bouquet of the flowers you bought for your first anniversary, or send her a bottle of the cologne you wore on your first date.

If you are stuck with ideas, you can always look to a site like Etsy for inspiration as you can find a variety of handmade gift ideas that could help your loved one feel loved in a long distance relationship.

Plan something with your partner’s friends or colleagues.

If your partner lives in a different place, you can get in touch with their closest friends or coworkers and plan something with them.

For example, you could ask her best friend to take her out to dinner and a glass of wine and send some money to pay the bill. Alternatively, you can ask one of your friends to make you her favorite meal and pay for the ingredients and a nice bottle of wine.

Although you can’t be there to enjoy it with your partner, it shows that you really care about her and that you are trying harder to make an effort. They will surely love you for it!

Make a video for your partner.

Making a video for your partner is a creative way to spice things up in a long distance relationship. What should you include in the video? Well that’s totally up to you!

Maybe you could film yourself singing his favorite song, walking the dog, or doing something. [ahem] a little naughty!

When you can’t be with someone in person, it’s good for your partner to see your face and hear your voice as you do more than just look at the screen. It could help them think more about the relationship and even send something to you!

Final thoughts.

There is no getting around the fact that long distance relationships are difficult. For them to work, both partners need to work on it and make an effort to show the other person how much you love and care about them.

Hopefully, these simple ideas will help you see that you can make an effort to easily spice up your long distance relationship without spending a fortune, and your efforts will go a long way in making the relationship work.

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