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Longing for change in a Cuba that is a pressure cooker


The regime triggers repression to silence the harassment of Cubans

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The leader of the March convened in Cuba, Yunior Garca, forced to remain at his home.

The Castro regime yesterday deployed all its repressive artillery to prevent Cubans from expressing their desire for freedom and fatigue in the so-called Civic March for Change. For days, the dictatorship had increased its fierce harassment against prominent opposition figures, made new arbitrary arrests as a warning to sailors, and threatened citizens with criminal prosecution if they dared to participate in any “destabilizing provocation.” The


fifth columnists

of the Government surrounded the house of the playwright

Junior Garca

, one of the promoters of the initiative, to prevent him from even stepping on the street dressed in white in a gesture that for Havana was already threatening, with the too vivid memory of the

historic protests that last July took to the streets tens of thousands of people in more than 50 towns across the country

, a resounding thermometer of the deep malaise of the population.

The tyrant is well aware that the island is a pressure cooker in which it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain cold control. Hence, for example, the decision to withdraw the accreditations of the journalists of the EFE agency – yesterday it had only been returned to two – in a castling that seeks to silence so much oppression. AND

the social peace presumed by the ruling party is nothing more than a resurgence of the state of terror in which threats have redoubled

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, police violence, scandalous prosecutorial requests for jail for the line of political prisoners that does not stop growing, and the militarization of towns and cities. We are before a regime that revolts like a cornered tiger. Among other reasons because

Daz-Canel does not consolidate a leadership that many believe will be in question when Ral Castro dies

as tutored as he is by his elongated shadow.

With yesterday’s March, its organizers went beyond demanding respect for human rights and freedoms. They intend to shake the country and make many Cubans aware that it is no longer possible to continue without planting

a regime that condemns them not only to despair but also to unbearable misery

. In fact, in the massive mobilizations of the summer – crushed by Castroism with brute force and imprisoning hundreds of people who are still imprisoned – the pro-democracy slogans were compounded by the shock caused by the catastrophic economic crisis on the island, exacerbated by the pandemic. We cannot forget that today 71% of Cubans survive on less than $ 1.28 a day, well below the poverty line.

Thus, it is a shame that in our country the general secretary of the PCE refused to deviate one millimeter from the demagical discourse that blames the United States for all the suffering of Cubans for the embargo on Castroism. AND

just as insufferable is the cynicism with which the government dismisses the situation as “an internal matter of the island.”

. From the carelessness and inaction of our country and the international community as a whole, the dictatorship benefited well for so many decades.

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