Tuesday, August 9

Look forward to week 18 and the CFP championship game

Hello! There is no football on the agenda this Thursday, although we have the first Week 18 of the NFL season this weekend to look forward to alongside the national college football championship Monday night. Prepare for both and get your NBA fix in today’s newsletter.

The longest regular season ever ends this weekend, and there’s still a lot to work out at the NFC and AFC standings before the postseason begins.

Six NFC teams have already secured a playoff berth and five teams have clinched it in the AFC. Technically, there are 18 teams whose playoff hopes are either sealed or still alive heading into Saturday, although some need more help than others. The only thing that has already been determined is that the Packers are the top spot in the NFC; the remaining seeds in both conferences are up for grabs. Ben Pickman laid out the current standings and all the tricky playoff scenarios (how to play for a tie?) In play in Week 18.


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