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Lopetegui: “I’m leaving without any resentment”

Julen Lopetegui, during the farewell ceremony for Sevilla. / Photo: sevilla cf | Video: EP


«The stage in Seville has been the one that has penetrated the most in my heart; I remain with everyone’s affection”, the Basque coach proudly proclaims in his farewell press conference for the Seville bench

“I leave without any resentment. I can only have words of thanks”, Julen Lopetegui proclaimed this Thursday, hours after being officially dismissed as coach of Sevilla, although the decision had already been made a long time ago and he was personally informed of his dismissal after the thrashing he suffered at the Pizjuán against Borussia Dortmund (1-4), after the club had negotiated with Jorge Sampaoli and the Argentine coach agreed to relieve the Basque coach. “I don’t want to insist on how the last few days have been. I received the notification that I am no longer coach of the club yesterday after the game », insisted Lopetegui, without wanting to blame the leaders of the Seville entity for the way of managing his dismissal. On the contrary. Behaving like a gentleman in his last appearance at the Sevilla stadium, in such hard times for him and his family.

Lopetegui, “one more Sevilla player for life”, wanted to thank all the players, club workers, fans, “and also the president and the entire council”. «I take the best that one can take, the recognition and friendship of many of you. The respect of the players and my fans », he declared proudly, who remains, above all, « with the affection of all ». «I think I am a chosen one for having been able to live all these moments. It will always be my club. I have no other acknowledgment other than to thank, “added the Gipuzkoan coach.

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«This is the stage as a coach that has pierced my heart the most. It’s a special feeling”, he underlined, after he was moved on Wednesday night on the Pizjuán lawn and tears were released before a stand standing up to applaud him and say goodbye as he deserved who has been three and a half seasons in the Sevilla’s bench, has directed 170 games and has won the Europa League. «In the Seville-Lopetegui binomial there are many people. I don’t want to leave anyone. Everyone has done their bit and between all of us we have tried to make Sevilla a little bigger”, pointed out who is convinced that the team “is going to reverse the situation and return to the place it deserves”.

Lopetegui says goodbye to Sevilla excited and hands over to Sampaoli

«I wanted to be part of history and it is something that fills me with pride. It is something that we take with us forever,” insisted who said goodbye to his former soccer players on Wednesday night, “who are the ones who make coaches good, better or worse.” “I told them that I trusted them, that there is still time to achieve very nice things”, revealed Lopeteguim, who before his last press conference in Nervión received a beautiful tribute from the Seville club through a video with stellar moments of his career as coach of Sevilla.

Sampaoli returns to take charge of a decaying team

Five years after leaving Sevilla to become the controversial coach of Argentina, eliminated in the round of 16 of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Jorge Sampaoli returns to Sevilla to replace Julen Lopetegui and this time take charge of a decomposing team. Just two hours after the Basque coach said goodbye to Sevilla at a press conference, the Seville club officially announced the hiring of Sampaoli until 2024. The Argentine coach who ranked Sevilla fourth in the 2016-2017 League begins his second spell on the Andalusian bench and will make his debut on Saturday against Athletic at Pizjuán, where Lopetegui was personally informed of his dismissal on Wednesday night, although the former national coach was fired before the thrashing he suffered against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. Sampaoli already conducted his first training session with Sevilla this Thursday afternoon, which this season has only won one win in ten games and is one point from relegation in the League and practically eliminated in the Champions League, with the sole objective of continuing in his favorite competition, the Europa League.

With Lopetegui questioned by the leaders of Sevilla since last season and sentenced even before the last league defeat suffered in Pizjuán against Atlético (0-2), Pepe Castro did not wait to negotiate with Sampaoli and the Argentine coach did not hesitate to accept the offer to return to the bench of his team five years ago. Sampaoli, however, preferred not to sit on the bench against Dortmund so that it was Lopetegui who led the team and said goodbye after the third day of the Champions League, which ended with another win (1-4) marked again by his weakness defense and his lack of forcefulness in attack. Sevilla yearns this season for the pair of central defenders (Koundé and Diego Carlos) who gave them so much and also regrets their bad business with Lucas Ocampos, having clearly devalued their squad, very affected emotionally and too limited at present, for which Sampaoli He has already demanded transfers to the sports director, Monchi, for the upcoming winter market.

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