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López Obrador and Rousseff Charge Against “Millennial Inequalities” on the 700th Anniversary of Tenochtitlan

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Claudia Sheinbaum has received all kinds of compliments from his direct boss, Lopez Obrador, and the one who was president of Brazil from the beginning of 2011 to mid-2016, Dilma Rousseff. This support is received after the questions after the crisis, ten days later, due to the subway accident in which 26 people lost their lives, for which 19 patients are still hospitalized and which left another 64 injured.

During the commemoration of the 700 years of the founding of Tenochtitlan, Lopez Obrador She addressed Sheinbaum as “an exceptional, hard-working, honest, intelligent woman with deep humanitarian convictions.” For the seventh centenary of the place that “the Aztecs called the navel of the Moon,” in the words of the Mexican president, and on which the Mexico City, capital of the Viceroyalty of the New Spain and, after independence, capital of the United States of Mexico, wanted to have Rousseff.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador already had Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina, as “distinguished guest” at the official ceremony in which Mexico it commemorates the bicentennial of the promulgation of the Igualada Plan, with which the independence process began, and Flag Day. Now, in another left-wing alliance, he has the former president of Brazil as a guest of honor to commemorate the founding of the pre-Hispanic city, which during her speech the Brazilian president highlighted as “one of the most dazzling cities in the history of mankind.”

Roussef was fired for “crimes of responsibility”

During her speech, Dilma Rousseff stated that “America is working to build a new democratic policy for the countries of the region that have suffered from inequality and authoritarianism.” Upon arrival she was greeted by Claudia Sheinbaum in the old City Hall, where he stressed that Mexico is run by people who want to “fight our ancient inequalities.” The former president received the parchment and medal as a “distinguished guest” in Mexico City. After which, the governor stated that Dilma She is “a woman who does not give up, has been a victim of imprisonment, torture, disguised coups, but has not been defeated.”

Let us remember that Rousseff was dismissed, in the largest country in South America, after five years in power, for an ‘impeachment’ initiated by the Chamber of Deputies for “crimes of responsibility.” He was splattered with bribes from Petrobras or the diversion of money from the oil company or public works for his presidential campaign. However, what removed her from office was the alteration of fiscal rules with which she disguised the budget deficit.

The central act carried out in the Templo Mayor of Mexico City, symbolic center of the great tributary network of the Mexica Empire, and that two weeks ago its roof collapsed, an infrastructure of 250 meters that covered the infrastructure, collapsing due to the weight of hail due to heavy rains in the archaeological zone.

A date to celebrate “his greatness”

The commemoration of the 700 years of the foundation Mexico-Tenochtitlan comes with controversy. López Obrador and Sheinbaum presented in 2020 the events in which the founding date of one of the largest cities in Latin America is set in the year 1321. A date on which to “celebrate its more than seven centuries of greatness”, but in which they do not Neither archaeologists nor historians agree.

This act that has counted Dilma Rousseff includes 15 other events organized by the Presidency and coincidentally coinciding with the two centuries of independence (in 1821) and five centuries of the arrival of Hernan Cortes (in 1521), who with a small group of Spaniards and a coalition of indigenous peoples conquered the city of Tenochtitlan, ending the mighty Aztec Empire. Experts see the date of 1325 as more accurate, in the absence of sources that confirm the inauguration of the city four years earlier.

“It is a desire to want to tie those dates so that they coincide in 2021”, the archaeologist has confessed Eduardo Matos Moctezuma, founder of the Templo Mayor archaeological project, for which he refused to participate in the events. The doctor of history Arno Burkholder He has also opined: «Tenochtitlan was not founded on May 13, 1321. We do not know when that happened, but we suppose that the Mexica began to live on the islet around 1325. Today’s date was invented to tie it with the defeat of Tenochtitlan (1521)».

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