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López Obrador attacks Congress for stopping the consultation on the revocation of his mandate

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, during his press conference this Friday.
Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, during his press conference this Friday.Galo Cañas / Galo Cañas

The emblematic consultation of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on the revocation of his mandate is in suspense. Although Morena’s bench tried it twice, it did not get enough votes to call an extraordinary period in the Congress of the Union to approve the regulatory law of this proposal, which has been among the president’s priorities since the first day of your Government. Faced with this setback, the president of Mexico has described opposition legislators as “salinistas” and “people of the old regime.” “They no longer consider convenient [los diputados] carry out the consultation with the people on whether I stay or not, because in its conception if the consultation is made, the people will confirm their trust and I will strengthen myself, because in fact, in democracy it is the people who decide and if the people support it, it gives the ruler moral and political strength ”, he pointed out this Friday in his daily press conference.

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One vote made a difference. The Permanent Commission of Congress rejected this Thursday the call for a third extraordinary period of sessions to discuss said law. Although of the 37 votes cast, 24 were in favor and 13 against, they were not enough to reach the qualified majority, so the opinion was rejected and it was returned to the First Labor Commission of the Permanent Commission. The proposal will have to wait until the beginning of the next legislature, next September, to be discussed again.

During the discussion in the plenary session on Thursday, both the Morena bench and the opposition legislators were criticized and reproached. Deputy Kenia López, of the PAN, affirmed that an extraordinary period based on the whims of the president was not endorsed. “The people are not interested in the revocation of the mandate, they are interested in eating, living, having better hospitals for people who are dying from covid,” he added.

If the consultation on the revocation of his mandate is finalized, the Executive would be subjected to a citizen review in the middle of his Administration that would force him to elect a president again or, on the contrary, to withdraw him imminently from the position and force the Congress to elect an interim replacement. The issue has been the subject of intense political debate and a constitutional reform that establishes that the consultation must be governed under the same criteria as a popular consultation, organized from the citizenry and not from the Executive.

However, after this new legislative setback, López Obrador and his bench will have to wait until September to put this initiative back on the table that the president defends as an unprecedented tool of accountability while the opposition considers a strategy to re-float. its popularity.

On the same day, the Electoral Court ordered the counting of the votes in Campeche, which was won by the candidate of Morena Layda Sansores. “Now ultra-democrats have emerged in Campeche. So, how nice that the votes are counted ”, said the president this Friday in reference to this decision of the electoral magistrates.

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