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López Obrador calls for the end of the blockade against Cuba: “No State has the right to subdue another people”


The Mexican president praises ‘the heroic resistance’ of the Cuban people during his speech on Independence Day

Miguel D
Miguel Daz-Canel (left) and Lpez Obrador, this Thursday in Mexico City.EFE
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On his first trip abroad since the social outbreak in July, Cuban President Miguel Daz-Canel has traveled to Mexico as the guest of honor of the government of Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador (AMLO) to participate in the celebrations for the Day of Independence, in a year of special historical value for the Latin American country, when 700 years have passed since the founding of the Aztec capital, 500 years since the Conquest and 200 years since Independence. In their speeches prior to the military parade, the two leaders they have exchanged compliments, They have vindicated the emancipatory spirit of the liberators of Latin America and have asked the United States to end the blockade of Cuba.

“The government that I represent respectfully calls on the US government to lift the blockade against Cuba because no state has the right to subdue another people,” Lpez Obrador has claimed before the complicit gaze of his Cuban counterpart. The Mexican president considers that Cuba should be renamed as “the new Numantia” and its people to be declared “patrimony of humanity”, since “it has known, as few in the world, to defend with dignity their right to live free and independent, without allowing interference in its internal affairs of any foreign power. ”

AMLO was one of the strongest international allies of the Castro regime during the protests that took place on the island last summer. At that time, he avoided denouncing the repression and arbitrary arrests of protesters and opponents to demand that “the first thing that should be done is to suspend the blockade against Cuba.” On this occasion, the Mexican leader has hinted at a possible US interference in that social outbreak: “In all frankness, it looks bad for the US government to use the blockade to impede the well-being of the Cuban people with the purpose that they , compelled by necessity, he has to face his own government. If this perverse strategy were to succeed, it would turn into a proric triumph, vile and vile. “

The Cuban president has been extremely grateful for the invitation of López Obrador, since “it has immeasurably greater value at a time when we suffer the attacks of a multidimensional war, with a criminal blockade opportunistically intensified with more than 240 measures in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has such dramatic costs for everyone “. In addition to praising the multitude of common elements that Mexico and Cuba have in the sphere of culture or history, Daz-Canel has denounced that “We are facing an aggressive campaign of hatred, misinformation, manipulation and lies mounted on the most diverse and influential digital platforms that ignore all ethical limits “.

Daz-Canel’s visit takes place within the framework of the meeting that the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) will hold this Saturday in Mexico City. According to the Mexican authorities, a total of 16 heads of state or government of the region will arrive in the Mexican capital in the next few days. Despite the fact that the Cuban president is one of those attending the summit, the opposition has not been happy with the fact that AMLO has chosen Daz-Canel as a guest of honor on Independence Day and has offered him a speaker ” a dictator who locks up dozens of Cuban citizens, “according to former President Felipe Caldern. Faced with these criticisms, López Obrador has insisted that Mexico “has its doors open to all rulers, we are friends of all the peoples of the world. ”

The sanitary restrictions have prevented the celebration of mass events at the height of the value that Lpez Obrador gives to the three historical anniversaries that are commemorated in 2021. For the second consecutive year, the Mexican president starred in the traditional ‘Cry of Independence’ before a capital Zcalo completely empty and claimed a ‘Viva!’ for “the cultures of pre-Hispanic Mexico.” This Thursday the ‘national holidays’ closed with a military parade, in which more than 15,000 soldiers participated, and a very welcome day of rest in the country with fewer official holidays from around the world.

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