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López Obrador will be vaccinated against the coronavirus in two or three weeks to “set an example” and “dispel doubts”

López Obrador during today's morning conference.
López Obrador during today’s morning conference.Galo Cañas / CUARTOSCURO

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has rectified and set a date for his vaccination on Tuesday one day after ensuring that at the moment it was not necessary for him to receive the first dose because he had antibodies against covid-19. “I am going to get vaccinated in about 15, 20 days. I asked the doctors again and also to dispel doubts, especially so that those who had covid like me do not wait so long and give that example of protecting themselves, the president said in his morning press conference, who tested positive for coronavirus last January.

“That is why I am also going to get vaccinated. They tell me that it could be in 15 or 20 days, to coincide when the elderly are finished vaccinating, then I will go, “said the president, who yesterday announced that one of his doctors would explain the decision to delay immunization to avoid “Speculation”. The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, has finally done it. “One of the best doctors in these matters is here, he is this man”, López Obrador has given way. Alcocer, who has asked the population not to lower their guard, recalled that “the president had the virus and generated antibodies.” “But how they are generated and in what quantity plays an important part there. Healthier people generate, of course, progressively better and more antibodies. The president generated a significant number of antibodies that allow him to be protected for a longer time. And when we talk about longer, we still do not know how much longer, four, six months, and there are studies where at eight months they no longer have these antibodies, then they are defenseless as if they had not had the disease, “he detailed.

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“The question is also why the entire population is not vaccinated in two doses. Because 70% or up to 80% of those vaccinated have coverage with a single dose, ”Alcocer continued, referring to the recent infection of Alberto Fernández to explain the case. “You see in the example of the president of Argentina. Between the first and second dose, possibly, it is not something that I know, he had this reinfection and it is going to come out in any case for the first dose with practically no symptoms. If he had not been vaccinated and had the infection, he would have been able to see what we all see at this time in many cases still ”, explained the Secretary of Health.

López Obrador, who is 67 years old and suffers from comorbidity, hypertension, which is under control, has been resisting wearing face masks since the beginning of the pandemic, he said on Monday that his doctors had reviewed his studies and concluded that he had enough antibodies. “It is not essential, for now, that I get vaccinated.” That opinion, by his own admission, did not coincide with the initial recommendations. The president, who was scheduled to receive a first dose this week, finally returned to consult his medical team. And the final determination is that the vaccination is given within two or three weeks.

In Mexico, which at the end of March exceeded 200,000 deaths from covid, according to official data – to which must be added a significant under-registration that led the authorities to calculate an excess of mortality of 60% – more than nine million have been applied of vaccines. The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López Gatell, has highlighted the reduction in infections in recent days thanks to the restrictions adopted and has highlighted the importance of the vaccination campaign. remembering that there is no doubt that it is recommended that anyone over 16 years of age be vaccinated.

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