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López Obrador’s energy reform, affected by the disappearance of the ten miners in Mexico

The agony continues exactly one week after the collapse of the ‘Las Conchas’ mine, located in the community of Agujita, municipality of Sabinas (Coahuila), with the ten miners trapped in an illegal coal exploitation abandoned more than 40 years ago. years when an adjoining wall full of water collapsed due to its proximity to the Sabinas River. Every hour that passes after three days the hope of finding them alive fadesalthough the miners in the area tell surprising stories of the discovery of survivors after more than eight days buried.

The Navy personnel added an immersive team that found wooden piles in well 4 that makes access impossible, meanwhile number three presented a sheet of water, solid elements and turbulence, so adequate conditions were ruled out for the entry of bodies of search and rescue. Despite the gargantuan drainage works, the 60-meter mine is flooded in 40 meters with the well one with more than 10 meters, the two at 11 and the three with 16 meters of water. The only hope is that the ten workers, including three twentysomethings, have taken refuge in an oxygen bubble, albeit without water or food.

The Navy personnel added an immersive team that found wooden piles in well 4 that makes access impossible

Those closest to the ten workers highlight the lack of information and they are outraged by the impediment to enter the zone of operations perimeter with barbed wire and tarps. Family members endure 40 degrees in arduous conditions without adequate access to the toilet. The latest hopeful news was provided by the Secretary of Labor of the state of Coahuila three days ago reporting that the sinkhole descended ten meters in a single day. Thanks to the help of 652 workers operating in the area (including rescuers, Civil Protection, Army, engineers and specialists), 25 pumps, seven drills, two underwater drones, 37 firefighting vehicles and five ambulances. Five miners managed to climb by hand up a rope thrown by their colleagues in the face of the noise and the large amount of air released. On the other hand, a tearful mother confesses: “My son is still trapped.” Despite everything, the exact location of the location of the ten missing miners is unknown.

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Energetic reform

The energy reform that López Obrador seeks to carry out, who has just defended the nationalization of electricity, aims to limit private participation in electricity generation. This new order would cancel the electricity generation permits granted to give priority to the CFE (Federal Electricity Commission in Mexico). A regulation that fully affects the almost 10,000 million dollars of investment of the Spanish energy companies that accuse the Government of “an indirect expropriation since it does not take into account the investment in technological cost that should have been disbursed at the time, forcing them to sell at the term and price set by the Administration.”

This new paradigm that aims to nationalize electricity has coal from Coahuila as an essential source since it represents 99% of this fossil fuel that the CFE buys. Much of the supply is provided by many non-compliant mines. AMLO has just declared that he is investigating the situation of the owners of the exploitations so that the concession is fulfilled, the permit for the opening of wells and to whom they sell the coal. “The problems of the world have nothing to do with the laws” referring to an alleged “looting and robbery that took place in the neoliberal period -the legislatures to which he refers before his mandate-” without providing new concrete data in the face of an alleged future mining regulation.

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