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«L’Oreig», by Martí Gelabert prevails in the two stages of La Tramontana and wins the absolute



The A35 boat of the CN Port D’Aro, L’Oreig de Martí Gelabert, has been proclaimed the absolute winner of La Ruta de la Tramuntana 2021, by winning the two stages that this year has consisted of the trophy.

The Archambault A35, was first in the test that left the CN El Balís with destination CN L’Escala of 54 miles, and repeated being the winner in the second stage navigated by waters of Cap Creus, with departure and arrival at CN L’Escala, with tack on the island Massa d’Oros, adding a total of 2 points in the general (1 + 1).

Second place in the general standings went to his clubmate, Ramón Garriga’s IMX38 Lone II, who with excellent partial sets (3 + 2: 5 points) was awarded second place in the standings. Third to occupy the general standings was the Swan 45 Smerit by Tito Moure, from CV Blanes, which sailed in category A2 and obtained two fourth places in the general classification in each stage, adding 8 points at the end.

The Tramontana 2021 has been characterized by the excellent wind conditions that the fleet has had, when passing the tail of an Atlantic front, which has allowed the free entry of winds from the West component, which has benefited the sailors in which their sailboats they have reached optimal and constant speeds.


Highlighting in this Tramuntana the crew of Martí Gelabert L’Oreig, who apart from clearly prevailing in the general classification, with his first two (1 + 1: 2 points), has also allowed him to win in the Full Crew category. In this disputed category, it has had as its most direct rivals the IMX 38 Lone II of Ramón Garriga, a sailboat also from the CN Port d’Aro fleet, which set its results with a third in the first stage and a second in Cap Creus. , (totaling 3 + 5: 5 points) and the Taz the MountGay 30 by Andrew M. Gallethy who ran under the collar of Mary’s CN d’Arenys, who with his two sets of 2 + 5: 7 points has completed the podium of the Full Crew (TC) category.

Another outstanding protagonist in this edition of the Tramuntana has been the Smerit by Tito Moure, who apart from being third in the disputed podium of the general classification, won the A2 category, achieving partial 1 + 2: 3 points. In this disputed category A2, he had as rivals his clubmate Korrigan 4, X-46SD by Joan Balaguer, and X362 Sports Ia Orana by Jordi Zaragoza from CN Vilanoa. Both counted at the end of the Tramuntana 5 points. Joan Balaguer, who was second in the long crossing from El Balis to L’Escala, signed a third in the crossing through Cap Creus, which allowed him to maintain his position, despite the fact that in the last stage Jordi Zaragoza’s sailboat was placed first in this category, but his fourth place on his arrival in the ‘long stage’, made him add 5 points at the end, tying with Korrigan, who the latter was able to prevail his position of second, having ‘better score coefficient’ for being better classified in the first test.

Training Category

Also outstanding was the participation of the boats from CM Port Olímic, framed in the Training category, where the JOD 35 Pecas X by Xavier Mar, won with two first in La Tramuntana. His teammate Pep Navarro with Suhail, a Malbec 360, was second (2 + 3), tied at 5 points with Daniel Coronel’s Sun Rise Trago (3 + 2) from CM Port Ginesta, but the best classification in the first stage favored those of Navarro.

In the Promo category, the winner was Fortuna 9 Bniz by Domingo Gil, from CV Golfus, followed by Poma, First 31.7 by Pere Sala from CN L’Escala and Matitou de Cacaut Olivier from CV L’Escala.

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