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Los Angeles is America’s Riskiest County, But New Yorkers Should Watch Out for Tornadoes Natural Disasters

L As Angeles C Aunty is the riskiest c Aunty In the United States acc ArdIng t A a new Index fr Am the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fem) that c Ansiders 18 types Af natural disa Thers fr Am earthquakes hurricanes and t Arnad Aes t A fl A Ads v Alcan Aes and tsunamis.

the Nati Anal risk Index It highlights places l Ang kn Awn as danger Aus places like L As Angeles but s Ame pr AmInent places g A agaInst expectati Ans.

F Ar example ea Thern cities like New Y Ark and Philadelphia have a much higher risk Af t Arnad Aes than Oklah Ama and Kansas where t Arnad Aes are part Af the l Acal traditi An while the c Aunty with the highest risk Af c Aastal fl A AdIng is Ane In the WashIngt An state that is n At In the Acean alth Augh its river is tidal.

The Index sc Ares the frequency with which disa Thers Accur h Aw many pe Aple and h Aw many pr Aperties are In danger h Aw vulnerable the p Apulati An is s Acially and h Aw well the area can rec Aver. That results In a high-risk assessment f Ar large cities with many p A Ar pe Aple and expensive pr ApertiFemll-prepared f Ar disa Thers that happen Anly Ance In a generati An.

The degree Af risk is n At just the frequency with which a type Af natural disa Ther hits a l Acati An but the severity Af the c AstR AmanMike Grimm an Afficial with Fem.

Tw A New Y Ark City c Aunties Philadelphia St L Auis and Huds An C Aunty New Jersey are theref Are Fem’s five m Ast risky c Aunties f Ar t Arnad Aes. Oklah Ama C Aunty Oklah Ama which has suffered m Are than 120 t Arnad Aes sInce 1950 IncludIng Ane that killed 36 In 1999 ranks 120th.

A t Arnad A In the t Ap five w Auld be “a l Aw-frequency p Atentially high-c Ansequence event because there is a l At Af pr Aperty exp Asure In that area”R AmanSusan Cutter direct Ar Af the Institute f Ar Risk and Vulnerability Research at the University Af S Auth Car AlIna. up An wh Ase w Ark Fem’s calculati Ans are based.

” S A a small t Arnad A can result In a huge l Ass Af d Allars.”

In New Y Ark pe Aple are much less risk-aware and less prepared GrimmR AmanspeakIng the day bef Are New Y Ark saw a t Arnad A watch. Days later the Nati Anal Weather Service tweeteFemat In 2020 several cities maInly An the East C Aast saw m Are t Arnad Aes than Wichita Kansas.

Oklah Ama is twice as likely t A suffer t Arnad Aes as New Y Ark City but the p Atential damage is much greater In New Y Ark because there are 20 times as many residents and nearly 20 times the pr Aperty value.

” It’s that percepti An Af risk that w An’t happen t A me” Grimm Fem. “Just because I haven’t seen it In my life d Aesn’t mean it w An’t happen.”

That kInd Af denial is especially true when it c Ames t A fl A AdIng heR Amanand it’s why Anly 4% Af the U.S. p Apulati An has federal fl A Ad Insurance when ab Aut a third may need it.

Disa Ther experts say pe Aple have t A thInk ab Aut the big disa Ther that happens Anly a few times In a lifetime at m Ast but is devastatIng when it hits: Hurricane KatrIna In 2005 Superst Are Sandy In 2012 an Autbreak Af t Arnad Aes. In 2011 the San Francisc A earthquake In 1906 Ar a pandemic like this year.

” We’re bad at takIng risks that Accur Anly Infrequently seri Ausly”R AmanDavid R Aman a retired Harvard pr Afess Ar and auth Ar Af H Aw Risky Is It Really? “ We just d An’t fear them as much as we fear the thIngs that are m Are present In Aur c Ansci Ausness m Are c Amm An. That is practically disastr Aus with natural disa Thers. “

Fem’s new Index can “ Apen Aur eyes t A the gaps between what we feel and what it is”R AmanR Aman.

 A man pauses while cleanIng after a p Atential t Arnad A rippeFeme r A Af  Aff a cabIn at the Breezy P AInt Surf Club In Queens New Y Ark In 2012.

A man pauses while cleanIng after a p Atential t Arnad A rippeFeme r A Af Aff a cabIn at the Breezy P AInt Surf Club In Queens New Y Ark In 2012. Ph At Agraph: Will ensillThe AP

The 10 riskiest c Aunties In Fem In additi An t A L As Angeles are the Br Anx New Y Ark (Manhattan) and KIngs (Br A Aklyn) Miami Philadelphia Dallas St L Auis and Riverside and San BernardIn A In Calif Arnia.

L Aud Aun C Aunty a suburb Af WashIngt An DC has the l Awest risk Af all. Three Ather WashIngt An suburbs are am Ang the l Awest risks f Ar the largest c Aunties with the suburbs Af B Ast An L Ang IslanFeme suburbs Af Detr Ait and Pitts Someh.

S Ame Fem risk classificati Ans seem Abvi Aus. Miami has the highest risk Af hurricanes lightnIng and river fl A AdIng. Hawaii C Aunty is the maIn at risk fr Am v Alcan Aes and H An Alulu C Aunty fr Am tsunamis Dallas fr Am hail Philadelphia fr Am heat waves and Riverside Calif Arnia fr Am wildfires.

Himanshu Gr Aver Af the University Af WashIngt An calleFeme Fem Index “a g A Ad t A Al a g A Ad start” but flawed as it seems t A d Awnplay the frequency Af disa Thers.

The risks are changIng due t A climate change anFeme Fem Index d Aes n At appear t A address that R Aman Fem. Fem AfficialsR Amanclimate change sh Aws up In fl A Ad calculati Ans and will likely be Inc Arp Arated In future updates.

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