Thursday, July 7

Los Verdes and Sueña Torrevieja demand the resignation of the mayor of Contracting and Urban Cleaning, Carmen Gómez

Image of the mayor Carmen Gómez in the plenary session of Torrevieja

Image of the mayor Carmen Gómez in the plenary session of Torrevieja

The Greens of Torrevieja have demanded the resignation of the mayor of Contracting, Parks and Gardens and Urban Cleaning, Carmen Gómez Candel after a court considers that he could have committed a crime of administrative prevarication after investigating a complaint filed by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and that the procedure must be continued, now with the opening of the abbreviated procedure.

For Los Verdes, who recalls that the councilor, who is also a deputy mayor, is also charged in another proceeding, these “facts are of a very serious magnitude, and let us remember that they were made public by Los Verdes de Torrevieja calling them “Check Plan”, show that the councilor shames the plenary session and the city of Torrevieja for their lack of ethics since, according to this medium, the court indicates that the councilor acted “being aware of the arbitrary nature of her behavior and that with her attitude she flagrantly violated the legislation on administrative contracting.”

For this formation it is “imperative that he abandon his functions as a public representative since with his despotic, authoritarian and even reckless attitude he not only poses a danger to the city of Torrevieja but also makes it clear that he is not qualified to exercise any public function”.

For its part, Dream Torrevieja indicates that at this point in the procedure, for “ethics and moral” from Sueña Torrevieja the resignation of Carmen Gómez Candel is requested. In the opinion of this formation “a public position must always be required to strictly comply with the law.”

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Sueña Torrevieja recalls that the PP demanded the resignation for months of the former Africa Celdrán for a minor criminal issue and was finally dismissed.

Sueña wonders what “the mayor of Torrevieja will do, if he will look the other way or will he cease as they demanded and pressured from the PP in the previous term” for much less with the case of the former PSOE councilor Africa Celdrán. ”

In social networks the same case has been exposed today because the minority left government made the mayor of Africa Celdrán resign at a very similar procedural moment and after the Torrevieja Popular Party insisted for months that she leave office. Celdrán was denounced by the PP for signing an agreement with a company without any type of administrative support procedure, although at zero cost for the City Council.

The Greens recall that the mayor is doubly investigated because another procedure is still open for the verbal order of material for the construction of a park in San Luis.

The PSOE, who is present in the other cause for which the mayor is being investigated, the order without a contract and verbal material for the construction of a park in San Luis, and who was the one who denounced the action together with the Greens in the Prosecutor’s Office de Gómez with the crash plan.

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