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Lose five kilos in a month by eliminating this food from your diet

The trick to lose 5 kilos in a month

The trick to lose 5 kilos in a month

Summer is past. It is time to resume the routines and among them, the diet. If you have spent a bit during the holidays do not worry, we will give you a trick for lose weight quickly. In the first week you will already notice the results. In a month they will be more than visible.

Also, this time, it is not a question of adding any food or special recipe to your menus. Quite the opposite. Enough that eliminate a product from your diet and your figure and your health will thank you. Its about sugar. As loved by some as criticized by others.

Avoid sugar and you will lose one kilo a week

Banishing sugar from your diet you will get lose more than a kilo every week. Nothing less than five kilos less in a single month. But well, we are not only talking about the teaspoon of sugar that you put in coffee or tea. There are lots of food that contain sugar among its components and we do not know it.

Industrial bakery is one of the foods that contains the most sugars GettyImages

So the first step is to know which foods are the main ones to eliminate. Sugary drinks, pastries, industrial products go first. So go forgetting to have a chocolate palm tree for have breakfastI have a ham and cheese Neapolitan for lunch. This little gesture when it comes to take care of your diet it will translate into surprising results in the short and long term.

Another product that contains a lot of sugar is alcohol. Alcoholic beverages, along with refreshments, are the ones that gain the most weight. They provide empty calories to your body and help you feel more swollen. More than enough reasons for you to eliminate them at a stroke from your day to day.

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Regarding the amount of calories provided by the different types of alcoholic beverages, the beer is the least fattening while the cocktails and the most combined. So no end of the day on the couch with a cold beer. Save this whim for special occasions and your body will thank you. Trade it for a natural smoothie of fruit and vegetables and you will see the difference.

Simple exercises that help you lose weight

Also, of course, you should keep in mind that doing physical exercise is just as important as eating a healthy, sugar-free diet. Perform some kind of gymnastics andIt is the best complement to achieve your goal. It’s not about crushing you in the Gym until exhaustion. It is enough to incorporate certain routines to your day so that you will notice the difference. Leave the car in the garage and go walk to work (as long as the distance allows) and goes from taking the elevator to go home. As simple as that. With these two everyday gestures you will increase your caloric expenditure and your muscles will soon notice.

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