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Lose Weight For Men: 5 Dumbbell Workout Routines To Increase Your Muscle Mass Daily

Dumbbells are a common tool in fitness training regimens because they facilitate us to carry out different types of exercises to shape and work different muscle groups, which helps our appearance.

In Men’s Health They list 5 routines that involve dumbbells and that can be carried out within a plan that covers 5 days a week. We will talk more about it below.

1. Monday (upper body)

Dumbbells are a good ally for your workouts. Photo: Pixabay

The first day of the week is the time to exercise your upper body for the first time. Thus, the exercises that we will do will be oriented to strengthen the upper part of our body, which will allow us to lose weight and prepare for more intense exercises.

On this day, a routine that includes exercises such as the flat bench press, row, pullover, alternating curl, normal curl, triceps extension, and the French press is preferable. It is preferable perform two rounds for each exercise, or three depending on your current level.

2. Tuesday (lower body)

On Tuesday we will exercise our lower body to give rest to the upper part of the body, and also to balance the work done and pursue uniform development.

On this day we will squats, Bulgarian squats, deadlifts, sumo squats, hamstring curls, and heel raises. Start with a number of repetitions that is accessible to you and then increase the intensity.

3. Wednesday (Core)

By exercising the core with the dumbbells, we will be working to achieve an abdomen that makes us proud. The core molds relatively easily, so it would be enough to work with him once a week.

On this day we will focus on three main exercises: abdominal wheel, dumbbell leg raise and rotational crunch.

4. Thursday (upper body)

On Thursday we will exercise our upper body again to continue working on that muscle group. However, we will not do it with Monday’s exercises, but with a new set to diversify our experience.

In this sense, we will carry out incline bench openings, one-hand row, alternate press, neck row, and alternate raises with the dumbbells. In this way, we will have enough strength in the upper body to exercise with devices.

5. Friday (lower body)

On the last day we will exercise our lower train again, taking advantage of the rest days to be at full capacity again. We will incorporate a new group of exercises to diversify the work and make the routine more bearable and entertaining.

On this day we will practice side squat, one-sided deadlift, jump squat, hip thrust, and seated heel raise. The number of rounds depends on your physical condition.

These physical routines with dumbbells must be complemented with other exercises, and with a diet that aims to lose weight and / or increase muscle mass so that the exercises are used to the maximum.

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