Saturday, November 27

Louisiana Governor deployed State National Guard and asked residents to take shelter for the next 72 hours

The Governor of the State of Louisiana, John Bel Edwars, declared this Sunday that he has already deployed the state National Guard to try to respond to the complicated situation due to the arrival of Hurricane Ida, which is in category 4.

During a press conference, Edwars reported that more than 4,000 guards are ready to serve, and added that wild and fishing agents are available to carry out rescue actions.

For rescue operations, the governor indicated that the state has 195 offshore vehicles, 73 rescue vehicles and 34 helicopters that were installed throughout southern Louisiana with the goal of supporting rescue, tracking and evacuation missions as needed.

He warned the citizens of the state that they must remain vigilant and prepared to take refuge for the next 72 hours and underlined the complicated conditions that first responders will have for their work, he reported. Fox News.

“You cannot operate these boats or offshore vehicles in these conditions and you cannot send a lifeguard if you are going to put the lifeguard in a bad situation.”Edwars clarified.

“This is why we tell people to be prepared to be alone for the first 72 hours. No one should expect a lifeguard tonight to respond to a call for help, “he added.

It was reported that as of Sunday afternoon, more than 400,000 people in southern Louisiana were without power due to the passage of the hurricane.

On the other hand, Edwars indicated that he hopes that the state system of damage reduction due to the arrival of Ida will remain “as planned.”

“There is no doubt that the next few days and weeks will be incredibly difficult for our state, but we are prepared.”, Held.

Meanwhile, he made it clear that the storm surge damage reduction system generates “Enormous confidence” and that that system was enabled for moments like this.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) reported in a recent update that Ida continues to maintain category 4 and continues to be “extremely dangerous.” He indicated that the hurricane is heading very close to the city of Houma, in the parish of Terrebonne, Louisiana.

Meanwhile, the National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) made a comparative chart through an infrared image between the passage of Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Ida so far.

The preventive measures due to the arrival of Ida in recent days have had a greater impact on New Orleans and coastal areas of the state, where Mayor LaToya Cantrell had ordered mandatory evacuation at high-risk sites.

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