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Lourdes García and the problem of having the biggest breasts in Spain: “I have spent more than 100,000 euros on surgeries”


More than 100,000 euros have been spent in 20 operations to achieve a wasp waist and a chest of 3,500 cc. He has also had more than one scare in the operating room

Lourdes García, with her 3,500 cubic centimeter breasts.ASSIGNED
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More than 18 years ago, the singer and adult film actress Sabrina Sabrok I passed her bust of more than five kilos of weight through the set of Martian Chronicles, the famous midnight program hosted by Javier Sard. A seven-year-old girl from Cartagena remained riveted in front of the television, hypnotized by that voluptuousness barely supported by outfits made of leather, latex, and studs. That night, that girl named Lourdes was clear about how she wanted to be when she grew up.

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At that moment I was born lurcifera, the woman she is today because, at 31, she has built herself, piece by piece. Gigantic breasts, a wasp waist, enormous hips, impossibly long hair and nails, fang prostheses, extremely full lips and a turned-up nose. “I have spent more than 100,000 euros on surgeries”Lourdes García tells LOC.

An economic outlay that he has been able to achieve thanks to his long working life. Not only in the world of entertainment and at night, but also thanks to the adult content that it offers under subscription. “There are only about ten women in the world who have reached 3,500 cubic centimeters in each breast, so it attracts attention and there is demand. There are many fetishists,” she confesses.

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nursing assistant and educator

Although there was a time when he combined the night with the day working nursing assistant and child education technician. “I wasn’t there much because I earned more at bachelor parties. In addition, they made me cover up to my neck, not only because of my chest, which was already big, but because of my tattoos. In Spain there are many prejudices, “adds Lourdes, on whose body she sports multiple heavy-themed tattoos.

Lourdes, with 18 to
Lourdes, 18 years old.ASSIGNED

He considers himself a strong person, so much so that he is capable of withstanding looks, comments, and even threats. “When I went on television, where she officially made me the woman with the biggest breasts in Spain, a lot of women started writing horrible things about me on the page of the program. Phrases like I hope you die in the operating room‘this girl is shit that you don’t even know what container to throw into’ and a woman even said that if she ran into me on the street she would run me over with her car”.

She has it worse for those who go with her, like her parents, a great support for her, or your friends. She considers herself a tough woman, she suffered bullying at school and now she knows how to defend herself, she is clear about who she is and she claims to look just the way she likes, with her chest, tattoos, leather clothes and bracelets skewers. “Women like Jessica Rabbit fascinated me. and the truth is that I never thought it would go this far,” he adds. Because while many people who resort to cosmetic surgery, especially for such extreme changes, are usually not completely satisfied with the results, Lourdes welcomes each new modification.

“When I started, I couldn’t believe that I could change in that way. Psychologically it is a very strong impact, but in my case it is on a positive level because you are seeing something in the mirror that you like,” she stresses, delighted by how her hair has turned out. most recent interventions. Although acknowledges needing help with day-to-day things like tying shoes.

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On his body he has some twenty static operations, the most recent: lip lift, which consists of cutting a piece of skin between the nose and the mouth to lift the upper lip; Barbie’s nose, modifying the bridge and narrowing the tip; a canthopexy to gouge out the eyes; in addition to lifting the eyebrows and cheekbones, stretching the skin of the face to define features. A multiple postoperative period from which he has recovered without problems.

Although not all his interventions have been so benevolent. In a single year he has had to undergo surgery up to four times because of the expanders he wears. “I almost lost my breast, I had a very big infection and I was about to not tell it,” she recounts. all for one medical negligence due to the lack of experience of the surgeon in this type of intervention.

Lourdes carries 3,500 cubic centimeters on each breast, but they are not normal XXL size prostheses. Breast prostheses of more than 1,000 cc have not been manufactured for years, so women who want a larger size have to resort to options such as expanders, a solution designed for breast reconstruction that consists of an empty silicone sac with a valve. through which saline is introduced to gradually dilate the tissue.

In the case of Lourdes, the pressure of the prosthesis on the skin prevented blood circulation, so the tissue began to necrotize. In addition, one of the prostheses opened and the chest was filled with sores and holes.

mattress with hole and corsage

“It affected me a lot psychologically, but the surgeon did another intervention in which they were able to reconstruct my chest, although it didn’t turn out well,” he explains. She had to wait to put on the prosthesis again and go back into the operating room to regain symmetry. In total, he has undergone six operations on his chest alone, two with prostheses, starting with 500 cc when he was 18 years old, and four with expanders. There are few surgeons in the world who are willing to perform this type of intervention and even fewer who have experience. “I am aware of the risks, from necrosis to suffocation and back problems. Right now I carry seven extra kilos between my two breasts,” she says. To support the load, at home she always wears a postural corset and to sleep she has a mattress with a hole to place her chest.

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In fact, this was a necessary postoperative requirement for all surgeries on the back of his body. Because Lourdes not only sports a gigantic breast, but her hip has had its own evolution at the stroke of a scalpel. “Have three buttock implant replacements and three fat transfers. For this I had to gain weight and thus have fat to extract and introduce in areas such as the hips”, he explains. During the recovery he could not get out of bed for a month. “In addition, the first time I had surgery in this area, the implant of the My buttocks opened and I had to be in bed for three months face down, “he adds. A tortuous path that he would repeat without thinking about it. In fact, it has not finished yet. “I am looking in the United States to get a custom buttock prosthesis to give more volume and as for the chest, I would like to reach my limit which is 4,000 cc. I also want to remove my ribs, which is not done in Spain and since it is a complicated operation, I want to find someone with good references, “she says.

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