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Love Is Blind’s Lauren and Cameron: ‘Seeing the show back is intense’ | Reality tv

That she laughs kept them moving during the confinement?
We watch The Umbrella Academy, of course. We also saw Emily in Paris.
Lauren: I made him see that.
Cameron: I got into it! I liked how you could predict what was going to happen next. The best discovery we made in the running was Raising Dion, which was a really good superhero show with a complex narrative. It wasn’t your standard superhero show or movie.
Lauren: We have been watching a lot of superhero shows and movies.

What series can’t you watch without waiting for each other?
Everything we see together. Once we start watching a series together, it’s like, “Did you go on with that without me? How dare you! “That’s almost like cheating, you know?
Cameron: A mild form of that. It’s a no go!
I’ve been watching a lot of Fresh Prince and [Martin Lawrence’s sitcom] Martin.
Cameron: Have you been looking at Martin without me?
Lauren: Yes baby!
Cameron: When?
Lauren: See? You have started an argument!
Cameron: I don’t know if I’ve really been re-watching any shows except Love Is Blind. It is intense all the time; just a flood of memories and emotions.

How many times have you seen it?
Until the end maybe once and then I feel like we just go back to seeing our parts. It’s like watching our home videos. See us reunite, see our families come together and all that. It wasn’t over-produced so it still had a lot of transparency and honesty.

What show has 2020 defined for you?
Hmm… love is blind! Oh, and Tiger King.

What is a super hyped show you just you couldn’t get in?
I can’t get into The Bachelor.
Cameron: Oh, come on. That is not true! You saw it with me and you liked it!
Lauren: I saw it with you because you wanted to! But I just can’t get into that. I don’t even like dating shows … even though we met on a dating show.
Cameron: I was just like Lauren, until I was cast in Love Is Blind. And then I said, “Okay, I need to do a little research to find out what these shows are like.” And then I started to “educate myself” on these things.

What reality shows do you watch?
One of my guilty pleasures is The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It is so much fun; I love how it is such a subtle shade. I just love you ladies.
Cameron: I like The Bachelor in Paradise show more than the regular Bachelor because I can’t fully accept the concept of one person dating 15 other people.
Lauren: You did that! You dated 15 people [on Love Is Blind]!
Cameron: There were 15 leaving with 15, against one with 15! But The Bachelor in Paradise is free for everyone.

How have you been dealing with your newfound visibility?
There was a period of adjustment; when the show first came out, and I remember jumping onto social media and it wouldn’t stop. But we try not to put pressure on ourselves, we are just doing it and now we have an extended family of people. We have a million cousins ​​now!

What do you think of the idea that love Should Blind have thrown in less conventionally attractive people to shake things up?
It’s so much fun, for two reasons. One, who can say who is really hot?
Cameron: Hmm. Well … I think you are universally attractive …
Lauren: Second, in my own life, I have dated attractive men and those have been some of the most horrible dates I have ever been on. Terrible! The relationship is great! Well yes, two attractive people, but that doesn’t mean love is going to work.
Cameron: Even the people who chose who they wanted to be with [on the show], they were not necessarily physically attracted to them. They weren’t even really his type, but they either made it work or not.
Lauren: On the girl side, we were wondering if there was a twist, because we were like, “All girls are hot.” We thought it was going to be a Beauty and the Beast kind of thing.
Cameron: We also talk about that possibility on the part of men.

What would you like to see in the next season of Love Is Blind?
A therapist? [Laughs] I hope everyone is true to himself. Since the first season was so successful, I would hate to see people go there for the wrong reasons.
Cameron: I know the casting is pretty good. They try to find people who they think will take it seriously. I know a lot of people have been asking for people from the LGBT + community, different body types. I’d be glad to see all that.

Would they ever do reality shows again? A spin-off?
We would love to continue sharing our story. This is when all the good stuff is happening: marriage, blended families, talking about future family planning, and all that. Maybe next year, we’ll see!

• Love Is Blind is on Netflix

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