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Low consumption heater | The best heaters for this winter

is approaching the winter, as they would say in a famous science fiction series, and good proof of this are the temperatures, which are getting lower and lower. That is why it is necessary to find a solution to the cold that takes over some rooms in our home. The main solution to this inconvenient it goes through buying a small heater to be able to heat our house in an easy, simple and economical way.

Below we detail the best options that you can find on the Carrefour website to be able to heat your home this winter.

Carrefour low consumption heaters

With the Cecotec Ready Warm 6150 Rotate ceramic heater you will have a power of 1,500 W, three operating modes (Fan Mode, Eco Mode and Max Mode). has a adjustable thermostat with two power levels to optimize energy consumption: minimum power of 750 W and maximum of 1500 W. It has an automatic 90º oscillation so that you can achieve a greater heating angle and a noise reduction system so that you hardly notice it. Its price on the web is 32,90 euros.

You also have the Rowenta heater, the SO6510 model, which has a maximum power of 2,400W and a function of noise level reduction (only 45 dBA in the silent position at 1,200w), this Rowenta heater heats any room in the house safely and powerfully. It has 2 adjustable heating speeds, with which we can select the desired amount of heat. Its price on the web is 51,90 euros

On the part of the Orbegozo brand, we have the CR 5017 model, being the cheapest option, with an adjustable power between 900 W and 1,500 W, adjustable temperature control by means of a thermostat, operation indicator light, protection against overheating and very small dimensions and weight. Its price on the web is 23 euros.

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Low consumption heaters: These five models can be found on the Carrefour website CARREFOUR

Other types of heaters: electric convector or thermal emitter

We also have more options apart from heaters. We can choose a convector like the Orbegozo CV2300, with which we will have a maximum power of 2,000 W and a safety thermostat to prevent it from overheating. The main difference with a common heater is that the heater usually includes a fan to expel the hot air, while in the convector the air passes through the resistance without the need for a fan. Its price on the web is 34,90 euros

And if you want to be up to date, you can opt for a thermal emitter such as the Cecotec Read1800, which has a power of 1,200 W. This device includes the novelty to have Wireless control through an app that connects to the transmitter via wifi, a small LED screen on the device, remote control, programmable timer, temperature selection, a coverage of 15 m2 and offers maximum security with its two security systems: one against overheating and another for child protection, to prevent the smallest members of the household from changing its configuration. Its price on the web is 139 euros.

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