Tuesday, August 16

Lucas Hernández will not enter prison for breaking a sentence of sexist violence

The Provincial Court of Madrid has suspended the execution of the six-month prison sentence imposed on the French soccer player of the Bayern Munich Lucas Hernández for breach of a sentence related to sexist violence. This is agreed by the Hearing in a car in which it upholds Lucas Hernández’s appeal against the warrant of admission to prison for the violation of the sentence and imposes the condition to suspend the execution of the sentence that do not commit a new crime in a period of four years and pay a fine of 96,000 euros. The Chamber warns that failure to comply with these duties may motivate the execution of the sentence imposed.

In their resolution, the magistrates justify the estimation of the footballer’s appeal in “his family and social circumstances and the effects that can be expected from the suspension of the execution and compliance with the measures that were imposed.”

They add that, “after examining its criminal record, although there is a conviction for the crime of injuries in 2018, it refers to events from 2015 and since the commission of the crime of infringement of June 13, 2017, there is no record of the commission of any new criminal act. , which can be assessed to consider that currently it is not necessary to wait for the execution of the sentence to avoid committing a crime “. In addition, the Hearing considers that “it cannot be ignored that the person who could not be approached consented to said approach.”

The former Atlético de Madrid player appeared on the 18th at the Criminal Court number 32 in Madrid, which gave him a period of ten days to enter prison but the Court was pending to resolve his appeal.

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Restraining order

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Lucas Hernández was sentenced to six months in prison for violating the restraining order on his sentimental partner with whom he went on a honeymoon despite the fact that both had distance measures against the other for a previous conviction for crimes of abuse in the family environment.

The footballer requested the suspension of the prison sentence but initially the aforementioned Criminal Court denied it because he has two convictions for injuries in the field of gender violence, dictated by a Court of Madrid and another of Móstoles (Madrid) .


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