Tuesday, September 26

Lucid, the company that has been selling cars for less than a month and is already worth more than Ford

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Lucid Air Dream Edition

Image source, Reuters


The Lucid Air Dream Edition can travel more than 500 miles on a single battery charge.

It started manufacturing its first cars in September and at the end of October it delivered a few dozen units to its first customers. However, Lucid Motors has already exceeded the market value of century-old companies like Ford Motors.

And it is that this Silicon Valley-based company is seen as a promise of the emerging market for electric vehicles. Its market value, in fact, already exceeds US $ 85,000 million.

Its first model, the Lucid Air Dream Edition, has been recognized as the “car of the year” by the specialized magazine MotorTrend and, according to data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, It is the electric car that can travel the longest on a single charge: about 520 miles (852 kilometers).

That number -520- is also the number of units he plans to sell of that first exclusive model at a value of $ 169,000 per unit.


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