Monday, January 24

Luck smiles on a solidarity baker but El Gordo denies the Sax footballers for a figure

The 2021 Christmas Lottery Draw It has distributed 2,400 million euros in prizes but it has also given rise to numerous anecdotes, curiosities and whims of destiny. The earliest this year has been a fifth prize. The number 92.052 that the children of San Ildefonso have sung at 9.23 am, nine minutes from the start of the draw. But until that moment several “rebel balls” have taken center stage. One of them got stuck being necessary to use some tweezers to take it to the fold. And just ten minutes after the first fifth the second burst in. Chance also wanted the draw to end at 1:21 pm with another fifth prize.

Luck is equally capricious. A couple from Gran Canaria has achieved Fat. Yazmina was left without a job on Monday and on Wednesday she was awarded a tenth of 400,000 euros with which she plans to buy a house. They have not had so much happiness UDF Sax footballers. The club had distributed 800 tenths of the number 85148 and el Gordo has fallen in 86148. For a number -a 6 instead of a 5- the Alicante town has seen 320 million euros pass by. The only consolation they have left is that for every tenth they will get 120 euros. “It’s something” they say to seek comfort.

The celebrations have also been varied. The Administration of Barakaldo number 12, which has sold a good part of a fifth prize, has not celebrated it because it was closed due to the lottery strike. But the educational community of the Arteagabeitia school has celebrated it in style. In Administration number 2 of Mislata, the party has been exclusive to the staff and the neighborhood because, one after the fourth prize came out, no winner had attended. Also in Valencia, the managers of Administration number 34, Sandra and Javi, discovered for the first time what it feels like when clients are blessed. In his case with ten tenths of the fourth prize. Other lotteries were more fortunate. For example Cristina Pallàs, owner of the Administration of Paseo Fabra i Puig, in Barcelona, ​​which in the absence of one has won two: a fourth and a fifth prize.

Sometimes fate is fair to those who do good without looking at whom. This is what happened to solidarity baker from Basauri who has obtained 30,000 euros. Israel Campos He leaves his leftover products at the door of his shop every day for needy families to take away. Well, his altruism has been rewarded with a pinch of second prize. And a “blessed mistake” has made a Peña de agents of the Civil Guard of Almería have distributed part of the 8.5 million of the third prize. The Administration Lottery Number 13 has been hiding tickets for three years within its initiative “Wanted El Gordo.” The agents wanted the tenth that he was going to hide but the employees accidentally gave him another one that has been awarded. A mistake they will never forget.

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